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Developer Linux News for May 26, 1999

  • CNET News.com: Dell hones its Linux efforts (1999-05-26 22:48:00)
    "Dell Computer focused its efforts to sell Linux-based computers, adding a Web page just for those machines and Linux software to its online store."

  • c't: To Feel and Hear the Computer (1999-05-26 20:50:09)
    "To improve Linux support for the blind Hans Zöbelein started to connect and coordinate the already existing worldwide initiatives in summer 1996."

  • ssh replacement, lsh 0.1 announcemented (1999-05-26 17:10:33)
    "This is the first public release of LSH, a GPL'ed implementation of version 2 of the Secure Shell protocols. Both a server and a client is included."

  • Linux's own SMS (1999-05-26 16:44:16)
    "I propose to make a series of applications that can work together in bringing that functionality to an administrator's desktop."

  • E-Commerce Times: IBM Moves On Linux (1999-05-26 16:17:29)
    "IBM...this week disclosed, in a barrage of announcements, collaboration with several key players in the increasingly popular Linux market, taking the open-source operating system (OS) another step towards broader acceptance."

  • LinuxWorld Conference & Expo Announces $25,000 Scholarship Award (1999-05-26 16:17:18)
    "Awards Designed to Support Aspiring Linux Programmers and Recognize Hottest New Products at LinuxWorld Conference & Expo This August"

  • Cygnus Professional Linux SDK Available to Compaq Solutions Alliance Members (1999-05-26 13:36:10)
    Program Members Can Access Web Site Evaluations of Cygnus' Industry Leading Software Development Tools and Cygnus Support Package.

  • LA Weekly: Man Against the FUD (1999-05-26 13:13:35)
    "How Eric Raymond became the ambassador for the open-source movement -- and why he hasn't quit."

  • The KDE Future (1999-05-26 08:48:35)
    This article will try to describe some of the major features that users can expect out of KDE 2.0.

  • ZDTV: Top New Features of Microsoft Office 2000 (1999-05-26 08:16:11)
    "...to take full advantage of all these features, you'll need to standardize your network to Internet Explorer 5, set up an intranet (if you don't have one already), and install special extensions on the server-- some of which only run on Windows NT..."

  • Gamespot.com sports Linux related poll (1999-05-26 08:06:07)
    There is an instant poll at Gamespot that asks its visitors "With its speed and flexibility, would you consider making the switch to Linux?" Over 50% of the visitors have chosen "yes."

  • Civilization Call to Power -- A Review (in progress) (1999-05-26 07:23:16)
    "I shall talk little on game strategies as I am a lousy gamer, I will talk more on the game design, game performance, and of course some juicy screenshots..."