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Developer Linux News for Jul 30, 1999

  • GNOME 1.0.50 Plan (1999-07-30 23:26:15)
    "GNOME development hasn't been very focused, we aren't making quite as fast progress as is possible, and some bugs are still lingering. I've discussed it with Miguel, the other RHAD hackers gave lots of impetus to the plane, and the gnome-hackers seem to be in agreement with it, so now I put it to you for consideration."

  • GRE First Public Release (1999-07-30 22:46:05)
    "GRE is a simple text editor that supports Bi-Di languages like Arabic and Hebrew, based on GTK+, and a patch to gtktext widget made by Dov Grobgeld."

  • ZDNN: Open letter to Steve Case (1999-07-30 20:06:31)
    Executives from Excite@Home, Microsoft, Activerse, Tribal Voice, Prodigy, Yahoo!, AT&T, and Infoseek have signed an open letter to AOL...

  • MSNBC: Hole opens Office 97 users to hijack (1999-07-30 17:03:54)
    "...vulnerability... can allow malicious code contained in an Excel 97 worksheet hidden in a Web page or sent in e-mail to take control of online computers without the victims' being aware..."

  • BetaNews: MS fingers in the Firewall pie (1999-07-30 16:04:52)
    "Comet includes a secure firewall, high-performance proxy/cache services, a fax server, a web-based interactive voice response (IVR) engine, and other network connectivity services."

  • Games Weekly: Q3A Test 1.07 Linux (1999-07-30 14:33:22)
    "...it will be ID Software's Quake III: Arena (Q3A) that will totally put Linux on equal footing with Windows in terms of gaming technology."

  • Performance Computing: Reborn Linux, Revamped NT, And ASP On UNIX (1999-07-30 14:30:58)
    "There are times when cool new technology grabs me so much that I have to share it with you."

  • Salon.com: A Linux lament (1999-07-30 14:28:10)
    "As Red Hat prepares to go public, one Linux hacker's dreams of IPO glory are crushed by The Man."

  • Richard Stallman -- U.S. Congress Threatens to Establish a New Kind of Monopoly (1999-07-30 03:47:42)
    "This would be devastating for the future of free software."

  • InfoWorld: Group approves controversial software law (1999-07-30 01:49:01)
    "The Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA) was voted on during a meeting in Denver of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws"

  • The War (1999-07-30 01:32:10)
    "They did not choose this fight. It was chosen for them by a company in Redmond, Washington."

  • The Right, the Easy and the Unusual (1999-07-30 00:49:00)
    User interfaces for Unix from an amateur's point of view