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Developer Linux News for Sep 24, 1999

  • ECC2-97 Solved - Latest Certicom ECC Challenge Over (1999-09-24 21:59:16)
    "No press release yet, but the announcement is on the web site."

  • SRO: Corel Clarification (1999-09-24 21:34:24)
    "As one anonymous Apache developer says, "The strength of Open Source is that everyone can peer-review your code so that your program is stronger."

  • CNN: Company reportedly withdraws Linux trademark claim (1999-09-24 20:56:13)
    "Hamburg-based Channel One GmbH is in the process of having its claim to the name Linux in Germany deleted."

  • Linux.com: Linux Laptops - Part 1 (1999-09-24 20:09:36)
    "I have installed Linux on a few laptops in the past myself. Speaking from experience I can honestly say that this is, or was, not for the faint of heart."

  • TechRepublic: ASP Insider: Industry comes of age but searches for customers (1999-09-24 16:50:44)
    [In the ASP model, the desktop OS is largely irrelevant.] ... "...shift in thinking suddenly positions the ASP model as a natural evolution of mainstream computing, the successor to intranets and extranets."

  • KDevelop 1.0Beta3 released (1999-09-24 16:46:38)

  • SuSE RPMs of KDE 1.1.2 available (1999-09-24 16:28:34)
    SuSE and the KDE Team are proud to announce the SuSE packages of KDE 1.1.2.

  • Toronto Star: Corel Corp. aims to put `Linux' on your desktop (1999-09-24 15:11:56)
    "The install routine asks four simple questions, and based on your answers, installs only what you need. Compare that to Windows' 45-60 minute install, which requires numerous restarts - and your supervision."

  • BW: CoSORT Announces v7 Support for Linux, Solaris 7 (1999-09-24 14:30:15)
    "CoSORT enables developers and end users on these platforms to fully exploit inherent parallel processing, large file I/O, and internet-related data webhousing capabilities."

  • Gamers Petition for Team Fortress 2 Port to Linux (1999-09-24 14:06:14)
    "...we feel that Valve Software should take into serious consideration the demand for a Linux port of its next game - TeamFortress 2."

  • LinuxPR: Tux Goes to Moscow! (1999-09-24 13:58:05)
    "The site makes Linux Resources more easily accessible to Linux users across the in the Russian Speaking World , and allows an important group of developers to continue Linux both locally and internationally."

  • Paul Ferris -- Who Are You Gonna Sue Today? (1999-09-24 13:46:33)
    "What you're really saying, I guess, is that you need someone to blame, more than to rely on things working from your own efforts. Having Microsoft to blame is more important than educating yourself and having yourself to blame."

  • Slashdot: Microsoft Plays Linux Games at Work (1999-09-24 05:42:40)
    "He then said, "This machine is going to used for... well, I'm a Microsoft employee and my group is doing a usability study on Linux."

  • SRO: Sun Kills Java Tools (1999-09-24 04:14:06)
    "One source close to Sun says Sun's next purchase will be NetBeans, a Prague-based startup that offers a Java Integrated Development Environment running on Solaris, Windows NT and Linux."

  • ComputerWorld: Microsoft Net strategy to focus on tools, not content (1999-09-24 03:10:53)
    "Analysts said that Microsoft will likely succeed... and corporate customers will likely follow them into the Web world if the company doesn't falter."

  • SEC: Cobalt's S-1 IPO Filing Document (1999-09-24 01:55:11)
    "In order to encourage the continued growth of the Linux community, we will continue to give back to the community those elements of source code that we write that are relevant to the Linux kernel, while still developing a proprietary base of intellectual property."

  • GNU Go 2.4 (1999-09-24 00:56:16)
    GNU Go is a computer program which plays Go. The Game of Go is a game of strategy thousands of years old. It is considered a more difficult programming problem than chess.

  • CNET News.com: Compaq lets developers try its wares on the Web (1999-09-24 00:15:03)
    "Compaq launched the Web site in July on a limited basis with an average 2,500 test drivers a week trying out their software on various operating systems, including Linux..."