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Developer Linux News for Oct 29, 1999

  • Open Source/Open Science One Day Conference [Report] (1999-10-29 21:36:17)
    "That was October 2nd, the day of the Open Source/Open Science conference. The whole day was a series of crises. The first crisis started that morning when we fired up the projector which was hooked up to the PC running Linux. The projected image jittered in such a way as to give me a rather nasty headache."

  • Linuxplanet: Linux at the BBC (1999-10-29 19:57:46)
    "In this article I'll look at some of the practical applications the BBC uses Linux for and why we use Linux rather than alternatives."

  • SF Gate: One year after Microsoft trial, high-techlandscape shifting (1999-10-29 19:57:35)
    "Microsoft also has noted that some major computer makers now offer models running Linux software, suggesting the company's reputed stranglehold isn't as tight over the industry as portrayed by the government."

  • Python-URL! for October 29, 1999 (1999-10-29 18:02:02)

  • LinuxPR: White Pine announces availibility of MeetingPoint for Linux (1999-10-29 15:21:32)
    "MeetingPoint for Linux Being Tested in Real-World Environment for the Support of Carrier-Class IP-Based Conferencing Services."

  • LinuxPR: New Linux Banner Exchange Launched (1999-10-29 15:18:58)
    "The banner exchange already has four high-traffic sites and is growing rapidly."

  • Ruby-lang.org opens online! (1999-10-29 14:49:51)
    "Ruby-lang.org is the lead website for Ruby, a new, free, open-source, interpreted, object-oriented scripting language for quick and easy object-oriented programming, from Japan."

  • The Register: Can France drive open source as Europe's standard? (1999-10-29 14:42:50)
    "Elected representatives, as Al Gore and Tony Blair abundantly illustrate, are seldom well-informed, altruistic evangelists when it comes to IT, and the fact that Senators Laffitte and Tregouet seem astonishingly well-informed doesn't mean that France is brimful of other politicians who are."

  • Linux.com: The Gad Berger interview (1999-10-29 14:28:08)
    "Gad Berger...is the leader of the LSDVD project, whose goal is to bring a fully functional DVD player/decoder to the Linux operating system. Dave Klint and Paul Volcko are developers for the project."

  • Paul Ferris -- The Linux Collective Is Not A Corporation (1999-10-29 14:23:14)
    "In almost every way, you can tell that this is a worry for some business people."

  • BW: LinuxOne Signs Software License With SRINET (1999-10-29 14:13:20)
    "The Agreement grants SRINET a non-exclusive right to use, sell, reproduce and distribute the Japanese and Chinese versions of "LinuxOne OS," LinuxOne's premier software product, in Japan and China."

  • The Standard: A Gloomy Day in Redmond (1999-10-29 02:03:46)
    "On a day when two of Microsoft (MSFT) 's most important initiatives had setbacks, one of the company's most noteworthy executives of the decade finally called it quits."