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Developer Linux News for Nov 23, 1999

  • Epic Games: Part Of Unreal Tournament to be Open Sourced (Nov 23, 1999, 23:07)
    "I have permission from Tim to open source certain parts of the engine for the purposes of improving Linux support. What I would like to do is make available the code I have written for Glide, Mesa, input, and audio."

  • IBM: ViaVoice Developer Kit for Linux (Nov 23, 1999, 22:57)
    "The SDK and Run Time Kit provide the necessary tools to develop applications that incorporate speech recognition, both dictation and command & control, using the Linux for x86s operating system."

  • Microsoft Financial Fraud (Nov 23, 1999, 21:26)
    "Microsoft is incurring massive losses and only by accounting illusions are they able to show a profit. Specifically, Microsoft is granting excessive amounts of stock options that are allowing the company to understate its costs."

  • Federal Computer Week: Corel Linux poised to challenge desktop rivals (Nov 23, 1999, 20:47)
    "In testing all of those installation types, the desktop machine was up and running in less than 30 minutes. The process is simple and does not require adjusting graphics adapter settings or other geeky parameters."

  • Rant Mode Equals One: The Fragmentation Fear (Nov 23, 1999, 20:44)
    "I'm sick of fears being based upon no evidence what-so-ever. It's pathetic. When will this kind of mindless parroting of baseless ideas stop?"

  • WideOpenNews: Opera Beta by Christmas? (Nov 23, 1999, 20:40)
    "Until recently, Linux was a side project, Thorbjørnsen said. Now that the company has more resources -- its staff has doubled to 30 employees in the past year -- Norway-based Opera will pursue Linux developments more aggressively."

  • SRO: Sun Answers Its StarOffice Critics (Nov 23, 1999, 20:04)
    "Sun says it expects to give away millions of copies of the suite over the next few months and claims to have signed two major PC OEMs to bundle it, although Sun will not name them."

  • Linux Journal: Comdex Revisited (Nov 23, 1999, 19:36)
    "By the end of that first day, it was pretty clear to me that Corel was the star of the Expo. They gave terrific demos and always drew crowds. And not just by throwing around free t-shirts and other bait; they had real stories to tell and real content to share."

  • CRN: Comdex: What's New? Not Much (Nov 23, 1999, 19:27)
    "If passion is an indicator, there may be something to this Linux thing. A non-scientific show of hands during Linux Business Expo sessions (this was the Linux offshoot to Comdex) showed the OS is finding its way into the enterprise."

  • CRN: Corel now shipping Linux OS entry (Nov 23, 1999, 19:08)
    "Corel plans to ship WordPerfect Office for Linux next spring, to be followed by a Linux version of CorelDraw by year's end, executives said. The company previewed these applications, showing their ability to import and export PDF files."

  • InformationWeek: Red Hat Purchases Developer Of Open-Source Applications (Nov 23, 1999, 17:57)
    "Red Hat, a leading distributor of the Linux operating system, hopes Cygnus' tools will help its customers rapidly create Linux applications for a variety of servers and appliances."

  • LinuxPR: Linux-HA project announces heartbeat 0.4.6 (Nov 23, 1999, 16:50)
    "This version is the culmination of 20 months of development and testing of High-Availability software for the popular Linux operating system by our international open source development team."

  • LinuxPR: Professional IDE for Linux developers for FREE (Nov 23, 1999, 16:48)
    "Free version: SNiFF+ Penguin IDE - Professional Linux applications demand for professional development tools."

  • OpenVerse Visual Chat - A new way to communicate (Nov 23, 1999, 16:46)
    "OpenVerse Visual Chat is a software being developed under the GPL which offeres a new way for users of all major platforms to communicate."

  • Ext2: Device Driver Development [part 4] (Nov 23, 1999, 16:09)
    "The code I'll base this article on is similar in functionality to that shown in the second installment of this article. This has been done so that you can compare the differences between them, and hopefully learn what not to do."

  • BW: Cygnus Code Fusion Wins Editors' Choice Award From Linux Journal (Nov 23, 1999, 15:35)
    "Cygnus Solutions, a leading provider of open source software, today announced that its Code Fusion(TM) Integrated Development Environment (IDE) has been awarded jointly with Integrated Computer Solutions' (ICS) Builder Xcessory PRO (BX PRO) product, the Linux Journal's 1999 Editors' Choice Award for the "Best New Application - Software Development."

  • Lynx+Linux -- a Dual OS Strategy (Nov 23, 1999, 05:34)
    "Lynx Real-Time Systems, Inc., has announced an open-source product and support services initiative that is intended to extend the Lynx real-time operating system (RTOS) - and Lynx as a company -- into the emerging embedded Linux market space."

  • E-Commerce Training Course to Use Open Source Products (Nov 23, 1999, 05:28)
    "TrainME's mission is to accelerate the proliferation of Open Source software through education."

  • New Planet Software: Announcing JX Development Suite(TM) for Linux (Nov 23, 1999, 02:03)
    "JX Application Framework is a full-featured C++ application framework and GUI class library for the X Window System. The power of JX stems from its rich feature set and extensibility which support all aspects of professional-quality software application development."

  • Linux kernel 2.2.14pre8 released (Nov 23, 1999, 01:49)

  • Linux Journal: Copyright Strikes Back (Nov 23, 1999, 01:45)
    "The DMCA's defenders point out that the law's draconian restrictions apply only to digital media, in which--after all--it's just so darned easy to make copies. But readers of this column know that all media will soon be digital media."