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Developer Linux News for Nov 28, 1999

  • Ransom Love -- Interview from Linux Business Expo (1999-11-28 23:51:44)
    This audio interview of Caldera's Ransom Love by Emmett Plant demonstrates why Caldera is one of the leading Linux distribution companies.

  • Linux.com: Themes (1999-11-28 17:21:40)
    "I am going to focus on four different window managers and their use of themes. How much you can change, how much you can't, and why someone might want to do such a thing. From the ever flexible Enlightenment, to the speedy BlackBox, all have the power to make good use of themes."

  • Linux.com: Wine gives you the power of choice (1999-11-28 17:18:59)
    "However, since Redmond already has your money for your license to use their applications, why not continue to use them if you can?"

  • Linux.com: Railroad Tycoon II [Review] (1999-11-28 17:12:03)
    "Railroad Tycoon II has been out for Windows for a little while now. The version that Loki ported was the Gold Edition, which includes the original game, the Second Century expansion, and more scenarios."

  • Linux.com: Sites you should know for a better desktop (1999-11-28 17:10:28)
    "Window Maker is a popular window manager that has a couple of features that allow you to organize your desktop. The first one well talk about is the dock."

  • REVISED: Development, Ethical Trading, and Free Software (1999-11-28 08:11:59)
    "This paper makes the political and ethical case for the adoption of free software..."

  • NetMAX Linux Network Appliances -- a Thing of Beauty (1999-11-28 07:44:43)
    Cybernet has developed the industry's first suite of Linux-based "thin"network server products.