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Developer Linux News for Dec 27, 1999

  • dotcomma.org Debuts (1999-12-27 23:19:17)
    "The site features programming articles, contests, resources, source code examples, book reviews, etc."

  • BW: Best Data's Smart One Modems Are Now Branded for Linux Operating System (1999-12-27 22:50:00)
    "Best Data's Linux-branded products are scheduled to be released in January 2000. The Smart One Linux modem can now be used with any Linux OS to deliver data, fax and voice messaging functions seamlessly."

  • Embedded developers using VxWorks, Linux, NT or CE wanted (1999-12-27 21:37:22)
    "GoAhead Software is offering a chance to beta test remote upgrading capability in your networked appliance or device."

  • SysAdmin: Legitimizing Linux (1999-12-27 19:21:55)
    "During the past year, Linux has "grown" to meet many needs. While still growing its market share as a server system for ISP-style activities, it has also formed projects to facilitate real-time, supercomputers, embedded systems, and ubiquitous computing."

  • LinuxPR: WebEvent 3.22 released - Web Calendar Software (1999-12-27 19:15:36)
    "WebEvent 3.22 is now available. Please download our free evaluation copy."

  • Linux Power: LinuxPPC: The Undiscovered Linux Gem? (1999-12-27 19:10:31)
    "When most people think about Linux, they just think about running it on an x86 machine. But, there's whole other world out there with PowerPCs, Sparcs, and Alphas. While I don't see the Sparc or Alpha reaching a point where you see them in every home on the street, the PowerPC is much more likely to end up there."

  • Finance.Newsletters.com: Applix, Inc. Soars On Linux Craze (1999-12-27 18:22:28)
    "Applix is a leading provider of thin-client front-office business solutions for managing customer interaction, real-time business analysis and office productivity across globally networked, extended enterprise environments."

  • Eric S. Raymond -- The Case of the Quake Cheats (1999-12-27 17:23:33)
    "... far from being a telling strike against open source, the case of the Quake cheats actually highlights the kinds of biases and subtle design errors that creep into software when it's designed for closed-source distribution and performance at the expense of security."

  • Ottawa Citizen: Give Corel time to exploit Linux: analyst (1999-12-27 16:40:39)
    "Amid concern that Corel is focusing too much on Linux, the company's president and chief executive, Michael Cowpland, stoked speculation on that front after he was quoted saying that Corel's non-Linux products are becoming "less and less significant."

  • WideOpenNews: Gnome and KDE: One GUI Too Many? (1999-12-27 15:44:43)
    "The Linux community is designing two desktop environments. Some think that's wise, some think not."

  • BW: M&A West, Inc to Establish Linux Investment Fund (1999-12-27 14:12:38)
    "M&A West, Inc. ..., a company that develops, invests in and operates Internet and technology-related companies, announced today its plans to establish a Linux Investment fund to pursue investment and development opportunities in this industry."

  • Korea Herald: 45 IT firms to receive state subsidies (1999-12-27 13:06:49)
    "The companies named yesterday center mostly around the Internet and e-commerce technologies, Linux-based software and wireless telecom technologies..."

  • FreeBSD.org: FreeBSD 3.4 Announcement (1999-12-27 04:04:07)
    "... a lot of new features have been added, many bugs were fixed and even more important security issues were dealt with."

  • Linuxnewbie.org: Getting Connected to the Internet with KPPP (1999-12-27 03:42:16)
    "... a detailed simplified view on how to generally setup an Earthlink connection using KPPP, however, it can be applied to any ISP. The method on display here was tested on Open Linux 2.3 using KPPP V1.6.11..."

  • c't: Start Engine: Boot Manager Lilo (1999-12-27 02:21:18)
    "To many users, just one Linux on their hard disks is not enough: The cautious Windows ex-user wants to keep his or her old system, keen Linux enthusiasts want to boot different kernel versions and distributions. Linux boot manager Lilo can do all that - and a lot more."

  • Builder.com: AOL's Browser Strategy: Crazy Like a Fox (1999-12-27 01:44:39)
    "... we can now see the browser landscape pretty clearly. AOLScrape will be quite content... to foist off the Netscape browser with its proprietary whistles on the tens of millions of captive users it has..."