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Developer Linux News for Feb 26, 2000

  • LinuxPR: "Linux Freak" Named Geek of the Week (Feb 26, 2000, 19:45)
    "The developer and founder of "Linux Freak" has been named Linux Geek of Week at LinuxStart, by members of the Linux Community..."

  • CRN: PDAs Need Hand-Holding (Feb 26, 2000, 18:40)
    "...Sybase Inc. is expected to unveil today an upgrade to its mobile database [SQL Anywhere] that will include Linux support and broader synchronization capabilities."

  • CRN: ASP Pulse: Gateway Throws Hat In Ring, But What About The Little Guys? (Feb 26, 2000, 18:28)
    "Now Gateway has joined the fray via a $25 million stake in Linux software developer eSoft Inc... But there are hundreds of smaller hardware and software vendors scrambling for the attention of ASPs."

  • Upside/WSJ: Sony's Trojan horse (Feb 26, 2000, 16:51)
    "...PlayStation 2... a sort of Trojan horse that will enter the house as a videogame player and then become a secret weapon to access the Internet, play movies and download music, rivaling the PC..."

  • Beginning Perl : Ten Perl Myths (Feb 26, 2000, 16:06)
    "One of the things you might not realize when you're thinking about Perl and hearing about Perl is that there is an awful lot of disinformation out there..."

  • Motley Fool: Inside Intel Again: Merced vs. Crusoe (Feb 26, 2000, 05:40)
    " big reason... the Code Morphing approach is superior to what Intel is doing is that the underlying hardware can change."

  • NewsBytes: Group Pegs Windows Breakup Cost: $30bil (Feb 26, 2000, 04:11)
    "'People are living in a fool's paradise if they think that the Windows standard will remain intact if the product is divided among multiple companies,' said economist Stan Liebowitz,... 'Just look at what has happened with the Unix and Linux operating systems...'"

  • MSNBC/AP: Trial stifles MS during Internet era (Feb 26, 2000, 02:46)
    "Some companies, including IBM and Dell Computer Corp., offer... computers with rival Linux software installed -- an affront to Gates that few would have risked years ago."

  • O'Reilly Network: The Linux Professional - Why Certify? (Feb 26, 2000, 01:19)
    "So just what does it mean to be "Linux certified"? Unix certification programs have existed for some time, mainly provided by Unix vendors. Neutral certifications have been a goal, but are also a hotly debated topic."