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Developer Linux News for Apr 30, 2000

  • AppWatch: WINE 20000430 released (2000-04-30 23:58:41)
    "Wine is now distributed under the X11 license! Features DirectDraw restructuration, many bug fixes merged from the Corel tree, On-demand loading of built-in dlls, and much more."

  • Linux Gazette #53 (May 2000) is available (2000-04-30 17:49:08)
    "Linux Gazette...Making Linux just a little more fun!"

  • VNU Net: DoJ wants Microsoft split in half (2000-04-30 16:03:45)
    "This is the right remedy for the right time. Our proposal will stimulate competition, promote innovation and give consumers new and better choices in the marketplace."

  • Web Techniques: Data-Drive Sites with Midgard (2000-04-30 14:40:22)
    "How does Midgard work? One of the Midgard modules acts as a filter in front of all page requests. If it notices that a request comes in for a Midgard-managed page, it gives control over to the Midgard system, and the system dynamically generates the page."

  • ZDNet UK: Microsoft: The next generation (2000-04-30 13:53:38)
    "Forget the DoJ breakup. If you want to figure out how Microsoft will morph over the next few years, the elusive NGWS is the real key"

  • SJ Mercury/Reuters: Microsoft breakup proposal may be boon to Linux (2000-04-30 07:07:11)
    "If Microsoft Office ran on Linux immediately we would see Linux with a 10-15 percent share of the desktop operating system market."

  • Linux.com: XMMS Plugins: A New Look (2000-04-30 03:33:19)
    "The main reason that XMMS is so popular, apart from its distinct name, is because it is quite expandable due to plugins."

  • Upside: French law would increase code accessibility (2000-04-30 03:27:50)
    "Despite the glowing endorsement of both free software and the principles of software liberty, free software advocates such as Richard Stallman gave the overall text of the law mixed reviews."

  • Linux Journal: WordPerfect for Linux Bible [Book Review] (2000-04-30 00:33:22)
    "The WordPerfect for Linux Bible is an excellent resource for learning what was once the most common word processor available. Nearly seven hundred pages of instruction, very clearly written, detail almost everything you would want to know about the Linux version of WordPerfect."