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Developer Linux News for May 25, 2000

  • AbiWord Weekly News for May 25, 2000 (2000-05-25 23:46:49)
    "This week saw lots of development, with 30 new patches in the tree, including several significant ones! We also added four new contributors."

  • Netcraft Survey for May released (2000-05-25 23:00:57)
    "Apache lost a little this month, with only 60.44% market share at 9,095,140 servers. This is still almost 3 times Microsoft's market share, which is 21.07% at 3,171,467 servers."

  • GNOME.org: Developer Interviews: Raph Levien, graphics hacker (2000-05-25 19:16:09)
    "Up first is Raph Levien, a Benicia, California hacker who's been central in the development of the GNOME graphics infrastructure, including libart, the GNOME canvas, GNOME Print and Gill."

  • Linus Torvalds: 2.4.0-test1 (2000-05-25 19:05:18)
    "It's not a real 2.4.0 release, but we should be getting closer. There's going to be other test-kernels after this one, and we'll find bugs. And bad behaviour. And wonderful features which we'll document some day."

  • LinuxPlanet: PHP 4.0: Dynamic Content for the Web Warrior (2000-05-25 18:56:19)
    "With version 4.0, the functional difference is actually quite staggering--the server actually compiles the code on the fly, and then executes the code, with dramatic improvements in speed as you can guess."

  • LinuxPlanet: Editor's Note: Adding Color to the Oleo (2000-05-25 18:56:00)
    "...while I haven't confirmed this with anyone from Fry's, my assumption is that by selling the system sans hard drive and in an unassembled form, Fry's and the system manufacturer are sidestepping any onerous Microsoft agreements that basically place a M$ surcharge on any system shipped."

  • AppWatch: GNOME 1.2 released (2000-05-25 15:25:37)
    "GNOME is the GNU Network Object Model Environment. The GNOME project intends to build a complete, easy-to-use desktop environment for the user, and a powerful application framework for the software developer."

  • LA Times: Judge Weighs Plan to Split Microsoft Into 3 (2000-05-25 13:54:56)
    "While Microsoft was surprised by indications that Jackson might move quickly to break up the company, others close to the Redmond, Wash.-based software giant seem to have been preparing for the possible split for weeks."

  • Alan Cox: LINUX Jobs for 2.4 update (2000-05-25 08:42:49)
    "Various folks wanted the format fixed, so stuff fixed is at the bottom and stuff that bites at boot time or is potentially hazardous is at the top."

  • CNET News.com: Microsoft antitrust ruling expected next week (2000-05-25 08:40:18)
    "Although Jackson did not say how he would rule, circumstances indicate that he is leaning toward breaking the company into two, and perhaps three, pieces. He mostly focused on the feasibility of a breakup during today's hearing."

  • Linux Weekly News for May 25, 2000 (2000-05-25 07:46:00)
    "Leading items and editorials: LinuxMall.com and EBIZ to merge, PHP 4.0 has been released and Lineo has filed for an IPO."

  • LWN: Loki Announces Quake III Arena Editor for Linux (2000-05-25 07:30:35)
    "Beta Version of Linux SDK Now Available."

  • LinuxPR: First Public Release of MDC-XSL (2000-05-25 05:10:15)
    "MDC-XSL is an XSL processor implemented in C++. Intended for inclusion in other applications, there is also a commandline utility included."

  • LinuxPR: LuteLinux Announces Plans for Certification (2000-05-25 01:02:48)
    "In addition to offering certification for various levels from the user, to specialist, LuteLinux will also offer Trainer Certification."

  • CNET News.com: E-commerce software market gets open-source boost (2000-05-25 00:59:09)
    "Start-up OpenSales today released the first version of its open-source e-commerce software, part of an effort to dislodge competitors, such as InterShop, with proprietary software."

  • Richard Stallman: Regarding Gnutella (2000-05-25 00:31:06)
    "Gnutella" is not actually GNU software , and we cannot be sure it is actually free software. In fact, it is extremely difficult to find information about the program at all."

  • LinuxPR: EVSX Announces Name Change And Technology Focus (2000-05-25 00:22:03)
    "Linux-Based EDA and Circuit Technology Developer Becomes Intrinsity, Inc., Claims Circuit Speed Three Times Faster Than Conventional Designs."

  • Kernel Cousin Wine #43 And #44 By Eric Pouech (2000-05-25 00:05:23)
    Wine is a free implementation of Windows on Unix.