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Developer Linux News for May 27, 2000

  • BW: KBrowser Released for Palm VII (2000-05-27 23:33:17)
    "KBrowser relies on 4thpass transcoding technology to ensure instant content delivery for an optimal user experience. ... 4thpass Transcoder supports the Windows, Unix, and Linux server platforms "

  • BW: Omnis Technology Corp. Acquires Metamorph, a Powerful Add-On Enhancement to Omnis Studio (2000-05-27 22:45:04)
    "Metamorph will be available later this year, after the launch of Omnis Studio 3.0, and will incorporate all the functionality of the new release."

  • Globe and Mail: Corel appears poised for extended cash crunch (2000-05-27 16:23:28)
    "A jaunt through Corel's financial statements and regulatory filings, though, paints a bleak picture. It will take a lot more cash than the amount it just raised to get it through the year."

  • National Post: Corel Spins off Talent, Not Companies (2000-05-27 16:14:57)
    "...has been the training ground for hundreds of technology workers, now spread out through companies in Ottawa and California."

  • Linux Journal: A Conversation with Bernie Thompson, VistaSource (2000-05-27 16:09:58)
    "It's a recreation of the same Microsoft problem again, where you've got companies that own both the operating system and the applications. We're never going to get into the Linux distribution business. We're never going to do that, and the reason is because we want to be the pure, independent software vendor that's able to port widely and support a wide range of platforms - on both the operating-system side and the hardware side."

  • LinuxWorld: Immersed in Terminus (2000-05-27 15:06:16)
    "Our story starts in the year 2197, when the human race has begun the colonization of the solar system. The sudden discovery of ancient alien technology has allowed the construction of vortex gates, interstellar portals..."

  • Linux Journal: Installing Window Maker (2000-05-27 11:43:24)
    "The source for Window Maker can be retrieved from the primary web site at http://windowmaker.org/. You'll need two packages from this site: the source distribution and the libPropList source package. The latter package is a library used by Window Maker, which you must build and install before attempting to build Window Maker. End users probably won't refer to it much after building Window Maker, so we'll just look at getting it installed. At the time of this writing, the latest version of libPropList is 0.91 and the latest version of Window Maker is 0.61."

  • Linux kernel 2.2.16pre5 released (2000-05-27 04:06:42)

  • AppWatch: WINE 20000526 released (2000-05-27 04:03:06)
    "Highlights in this release include built-in debugger improvements, OpenGL support, and the usual load of bugfixes, including merges from the Corel tree."

  • CNET News.com: Microsoft postpones major Windows event (2000-05-27 02:54:22)
    "Microsoft today postponed a major corporate event featuring chairman Bill Gates that was set for next week, citing 'strong indications' the U.S. District Court may enter a final ruling next week in its antitrust case."