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Developer Linux News for May 28, 2000

  • LinuxWorld: Remedies are futile - Resistance is relevant (2000-05-28 19:59:29)
    "Not only will this supposed remedy have absolutely no effect on Microsoft (except, perhaps, to strengthen it, as AT&T was strengthened by its breakup in 1984), but it is probably just what Microsoft wanted all along."

  • internet product watch: OpenSales AllCommerce / OpenSales Retailer (OpenSales, Inc.) (2000-05-28 19:25:14)
    "The initial release of the OpenSales modules are free to download and are available now."

  • Linux Journal: An Interview with Lars Wirzenius [Kernel Developer] (2000-05-28 18:54:48)
    "So sit back and enjoy a few words from some of the folks who helped make Linux possible!"

  • Electronic Commerce Guide: The Cold War Bits -- Part II (2000-05-28 18:19:17)
    "Security is another issue where open source handily beats closed systems. Since thousand of developers have access to the Linux source code, it can be reasonably assumed that the level and amount of information collected and disbursed to "third parties" will be limited at the OS level. In closed systems, how do you know what is being sent back? You really don't."

  • Electronic Commerce Guide: The Cold War Bits -- Part I (2000-05-28 16:26:21)
    "Linux is not only the fastest growing operating system but it now runs more Web servers and than any other OS used for the Internet. Why? Perhaps the best answer is that Open Source directly connects users with developers."

  • 32BitsOnline: Heavy Gear II for Linux [Review] (2000-05-28 16:02:58)
    "In a nutshell, the best Mecha/Robot game has finally come to Linux. If you are interested in Japanese anime, Gundam, Macross, Votoms, Heavy Gear 2 will surely appeal to you."

  • LinuxDev.net: Developing GNOME Applications with Gnome-Python (2000-05-28 13:54:42)
    "In this article we'll show you how you can use the Gnome-Python module for creating GNOME applications with Python. Can Python, the interpreted, object oriented (OO), high-level programming language that has become so widely popular among programmers, really be used for creating GUIs? Of course it can! In fact, you can create whole GNOME applications with it. Using this Python module, creating GNOME applications will be easier and faster. To fully understand the discussions in this article, you need some basic knowledge about GNOME and Python programming."

  • Linux development kernel 2.4.0test1-ac3 released (2000-05-28 13:34:43)

  • Linux.com: Taking the Plunge: Compiling the Kernel (2000-05-28 05:08:25)
    "It's always a good idea to recompile your kernel after you install Linux. Why? The "stock" kernel that is installed is somewhat bloated, because it tries to support a wide range of hardware. Also, it may not contain support for a certain feature that you require, such as IP Masquerading (using a Linux computer as a "gateway" in order to share an Internet connection)."