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Developer Linux News for May 29, 2000

  • Wine Weekly News: Feature: The Road to Wine 1.0 (2000-05-29 20:33:55)
    "The Wine team is preparing to begin on the road towards the long-awaited Wine 1.0 release, but there's still some way to go, and many usability issues to clean up before even a public beta release is possible."

  • Kernel Cousin Gimp #21 By Alex Harford (2000-05-29 19:59:28)
    Newsletter of the Gimp developers' mailing list prepared by Alex Harford. The Gimp is a high-end, open-source graphics application which competes with Adobe Photoshop.

  • O'Reilly Network: Who's Really Being Protected? (2000-05-29 19:46:01)
    "Software patents, especially patents on Internet software, are likely to have a profound effect on the future of the Internet, the software industry in general, and the Open Source community in particular."

  • LinuxPR: Linux UK Relaunch at the UK Linux Expo - Stand 136 (2000-05-29 16:47:59)
    "Linux UK brings together the expertise of an Open Source team with the need for UK based Linux content..."

  • Inter@ctive Week: The Microsoft-Free Office (2000-05-29 13:57:38)
    "...the 'Microsoft-free' office remains more myth than reality - even among the company's competitors, the group most eager to break free of the software giant's hold."

  • The Register: NexGen Windows - has the trial derailed it for keeps? (2000-05-29 13:23:53)
    "Even without the forcible splitting of Microsoft into two companies... it's difficult to see how any imposed legal remedy would permit anything even slightly like NGWS, as currently planned by Microsoft."

  • Linux Today: Updated Site "Issues" and New Features (2000-05-29 11:09:42)
    Ok, a few people noticed some site "issues" regarding the current site. This is a list of new features and fixed bugs, er, "issues" for the curious.

  • Canada Computes: Gnutella 0.56 not bad for a non-product (2000-05-29 00:07:16)
    "Gnutella is similar to Napster. Both allow you to share a specific area of your hard drive with other users, thereby permitting a free exchange of files. But unlike Napster, Gnutella specifically supports non-MP3 files. In fact, you can use it with any type of file at all."