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Developer Linux News for Jun 24, 2000

  • O'Reilly Network: Creating Real Time 3D Graphics with OpenGL (Jun 24, 2000, 21:13)
    "OpenGL is a good choice for developers who want to produce real-time 3D images because it's cross platform and mature. OpenGL (or a clone) API is available on most modern desktops, with some taking advantage of 3D hardware acceleration provided by the video card."

  • O'Reilly Network: NISTNet: Emulating Networks on Your Own LAN (Jun 24, 2000, 20:42)
    "NISTNet is a software package developed by Mark Carson of the North American National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) that allows network designers, application developers, and network researchers to pretty accurately emulate the performance conditions presented by a variety of TCP/IP networks and network paths."

  • Window Maker - the Third Horse? (Jun 24, 2000, 20:19)
    " window manager stood out for me, mainly because of it's simple yet powerful design, and the ease of customisability, which I found particularly appealing. That window manager was in fact Window Maker 0.62.1."

  • MachineOfTheMonth: Using Linux to play chess part 2 (Jun 24, 2000, 19:49)
    "Portable game notation was invented a long time ago, probably before the internet became such a great way to distribute chess games but I would imagine the internet was a driving influence in it. What we have is a simple way to represent chess games so that no matter what chess program you use as a graphical user interface, it should be able to open a pgn file and play through the game(s) therein."

  • LinuxFreak: HomePage Builder For Linux [software review] (Jun 24, 2000, 19:10)
    "In a lot of ways this program is much more advanced than most WYSIWYG HTML editors currently available for Linux (which isn't a very long list)."

  • KDE2: Bigger than Elvis? (Jun 24, 2000, 18:48)
    "This is not a simple upgrade or bug fixes. KDE 2 has been completely rewritten from the ground up, and sports hundreds of improvements and many new applications."

  • VNU Net: Hacking the hackers (Jun 24, 2000, 14:14)
    "If you're going to play with open source technology you need to have open source people to run them for you and to secure them. The adoption of Linux in the market without the techies to support it is a high risk. That's not to say that Windows NT is more secure than Linux - it's who sets them up that counts."

  • Linux Orbit: GnomeHack 1.0.5 Review (Jun 24, 2000, 13:55)
    "Installing GnomeHack is about as simple as you can get. Currently, there are no binaries available or packages, so you'll need a C compiler."

  • Linux Journal: Builder Xcessory (Jun 24, 2000, 13:38)
    "Builder Xcessory (BX) is a mature, high-end, object-oriented-based UNIX GUI development tool for Motif and Java, released just over a year ago for use on Linux. Along with Code Fusion from Cygnus, BXPro won Linux Journal's ``Editors Choice'' Award for Best New Application: Software Development in 1999."

  • Linux Journal: XVScan (Jun 24, 2000, 12:08)
    "Now, you too can get rid of all those bulky photo albums. Just get a Linux-supported scanner and XVScan, and scan away."

  • The Standard: Can Microsoft Reinvent Itself Through Dot-Net? (Jun 24, 2000, 11:55)
    "...when both Ballmer and Microsoft chairman Bill Gates separately cited Napster and Gnutella as examples of the type of powerful Web services to expect in the future, it only served as a reminder that real innovation has not been coming from giant software companies of late."

  • Linus Torvalds: Linux-2.4.0-test2 (Jun 24, 2000, 06:04)
    "There's a "test2" kernel out there now, integrating most of the -ac patches, and some code that wasn't in -ac."