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Developer Linux News for Jul 01, 2000

  • Kernel Cousin Samba #24 By Peter Samuelson (2000-07-01 22:48:40)
    Samba is an open source software suite that provides seamless file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients.

  • Linux Magazine: Serious Games (2000-07-01 20:08:37)
    "Fortunately for Loki, ID Software and other up-and-coming Linux game developers, the XFree86 Mesa/GLX project has already done a Linux clone of the OpenGL libraries, called Mesa." ...SGI is now working with the Mesa team to certify it as true OpenGL, and several graphics card manufacturers are getting into the act of writing Linux-compatible drivers.

  • Linux Journal: Gri: A Language for Scientific Illustration (2000-07-01 19:09:02)
    "...many users prefer a markup-based system for complicated illustrations, for the same reasons they prefer a markup-based system for complicated text. An additional factor is that GUI-based systems cannot help with illustrations that must be generated automatically without human intervention."

  • Smart Partner: NT To Win2000: Worth The Pain? (2000-07-01 18:12:00)
    "For some customers, the upgrade might be worthwhile. ... Unfortunately, W2K on the server is a mixed blessing. It won't run properly on many older, weaker servers, and there are very few W2K certified apps. You also won't get any performance benefit from W2K on single-processor systems. Finally, the operating system lacks comprehensive device support."

  • GNULinux.org: Synching your Palm Pilot to Linux is a "synch" (2000-07-01 16:12:27)
    "In this article, I'll be describing two graphically-based applications for syncing to the desktop, KPilot, and J-Pilot. ... You can also set up and use a console-based tool called pilot-link, if you're a power user and you like to use the command line."

  • Freshmeat: Trolltech on Qt, KDE, and the QPL (2000-07-01 15:08:54)
    "Let me point out one thing from the beginning: We love Free Software and use a lot of Free Software, and most of our employees stem from the Free Software world. We really care about Free Software like the GNU tools and free operating systems like Linux and FreeBSD. In fact, they form our main development platforms."

  • TechRepublic: Linux users: Upgrade to Helix Gnome! (2000-07-01 13:42:58)
    "I immediately saw a difference in how the program loaded. It was almost like watching a Mac start up when it's first booted."

  • Linux Magazine: Burn Your Own CDs. Now! (2000-07-01 12:12:37)
    "Until recently, CD recording under Linux was an arduous affair. ... If you wanted to do things the easy way -- with a nice drag-and-drop mastering interface -- Microsoft Windows was the only game in town. But that's all changed in the last year."

  • IBM.com: IBM Developer Kit for Linux, Java 2 Technology Edition, Version 1.3 [It's Available!] (2000-07-01 02:32:42)
    "...is a development kit and runtime environment that contains IBM's just-in-time compiler, enhanced with a unique Mixed Mode Interpreter and a re-engineered Java 2 virtual machine."

  • ComputerWorld: Uncertainty surrounds Microsoft's .Net plans (2000-07-01 00:09:54)
    "Because of the many blanks in the .Net plan, "it will be four years before an enterprise would look at this as a viable platform for its enterprise computing needs," predicted William Hurley, an analyst at The Yankee Group in Boston."