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Developer Linux News for Jul 28, 2000

  • ZDNet: Microsoft and open source?! (2000-07-28 23:06:27)
    "So imagine my surprise when I recently discovered that Microsoft is apparently contemplating making available an open-source reference implementation of its recently-announced C# language as well as CLI (Common Language Infrastructure), the language-independent bytecode interpreter that works similarly to a Java VM."

  • Updated Linux Kernel 2.4 status/todo list (2000-07-28 20:50:57)

  • Abiword Weekly News for July 28, 2000 (2000-07-28 20:00:14)
    "This week continued to be busy, with 43 new patches, from 17 different developers, going into the tree. We have 5 new contribtors this week."

  • LinuxPR: CreativeLinux.com publishes Introduction to AcidGimp (2000-07-28 19:08:05)
    "...a Linux Video Post-Production tool using the GIMP."

  • LinuxPR: IBM's alphaWorks Posts Emerging Linux Wireless Technology (2000-07-28 19:05:18)
    "The BlueDrekar middleware, developed by IBM Research, is IBM's first Linux-based middleware based on theBluetooth specification for connecting devices wirelessly."

  • O'Reilly Network: Helix GNOME: Unix For Humans (2000-07-28 13:18:52)
    "What's all this talk about Helix, Helixcode, Helix GNOME, the Helix Desktop, or whatever they call it, all about? What is it, and, most important, can it be useful to me and you? And, if we decide we want to try it out, how shall we do it?"

  • LinuxToday.com.au: The OS Market Morphs As Linux Moves To Number Two Slot (2000-07-28 12:36:19)
    "The market is still moving away from a model where servers come with expensive proprietary operating systems linked to hardware manufacturers. Commodity operating systems such as Windows 2000 and Linux are replacing these. In the case of Windows 2000 many of the shipments are not new sales but upgrades - which greatly diminishes revenue."

  • IT-Analysis: Linux for beginners? (2000-07-28 11:55:41)
    "However when it comes to the desktop market there have been several factors hindering any large-scale deployment to the 'mass' user base. Amongst these inhibitors are the technological challenges of support for user applications, performance, stability, hardware platform coverage and user interface availability."

  • WebReview.com: Web Browsers on the Linux Desktop (2000-07-28 11:17:59)
    "While Linux itself was born on the Internet, Web browsers for this increasingly important operating system have lagged behind their MS Windows cousins. Perhaps this is because the Web's most popular tools have mostly been driven and developed by commercial interests, whereas Linux and its Open Source applications have not."

  • Duke of URL: Kondara MNU/Linux [Review] (2000-07-28 07:35:48)
    "While Red Hat and Mandrake both sport multilingual support, Kondara breaks through with superior support for all languages in a single binary."

  • Linux development kernel 2.4.0-test5 released (2000-07-28 06:35:19)

  • Linux.com: Meta-theming (2000-07-28 01:16:59)
    "If KDE continues to have excellent GTK support and GTK continues to have no KDE support, most themers will go with GTK. While this is disastrous in the commercial world, it actually isn't much of an issue in an open sourced world."