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Developer Linux News for Jul 29, 2000

  • Linux Magazine: Drive Image Copies While You Wait (2000-07-29 21:39:27)
    "DIPro can easily replicate a disk or partition to another disk, but its real power is in using an intermediate image file. ... Once created, the image file can be multicasted to all workstations on the network that are running the PowerCasting client."

  • Linux Journal: LinuxPPC on the Macintosh PowerBook (2000-07-29 18:05:11)
    "What some people may not realize is that Linux for the PowerPC chip, usually on a Macintosh platform, is not far behind [Intel-based Linux] and has experienced similar growth in the last few years..."

  • Linux Magazine: Rocking and Rolling the MP3 Way (2000-07-29 17:36:44)
    "The most important concept in understanding how MP3 encoders work is the trade-off that exists between sound quality on the one hand and bit rate and file size on the other. ... The higher the bit rate, the larger your MP3 output file is and the better your sound quality will be (and the longer it will take to encode the file)."

  • Technocrat.net: Are buffer-overflow security exploits really Intel and OS makers fault? (2000-07-29 15:04:51)
    "On processors with an execute-protect bit on their VM pages and an operating system that uses it properly, buffer-overflow security bugs can never introduce new executable code into a process. We can make this facility available in operating systems like Linux as users transition to processors like Intel's new ia-64 architecture... and the ALPHA and MIPS chips."