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Developer Linux News for Jul 30, 2000

  • Linux kernel 2.2.17pre14 (2000-07-30 20:18:23)

  • LinuxWorld: The death of Microsoft Office (2000-07-30 18:28:51)
    "Greater interoperability between KDE and GNOME components is supposedly already in the works. Sun's choice of Bonobo will simply increase the pressure on KDE to make its component architecture work seamlessly with Bonobo."

  • ISP-Planet: Has the RIAA Made the Internet Illegal? (2000-07-30 16:24:53)
    "The implications of Judge Patel's Napster ruling may be far wider than you realize. Is file sharing illegal? Are links subject to lawuits?"

  • VNU Net: Sun shines light on open source suite (2000-07-30 15:20:32)
    "But opening up the suite's source code could potentially hurt Office resellers and will give the fledgling offering a lift by enabling software developers other than Sun itself to boost its functionality."

  • Linux.ie: Beginning GTK+/GNOME Programming [Book Review] (2000-07-30 14:44:43)
    "The book starts with an "intro to GTK+/GNOME", which I liked. Peter writes with the confidence of a tour guide, taking you through the sights, explaining in an informal manner how to make up Makefiles that know where to get the various libraries, includes etc. that you will use in learning GTK+/GNOME."