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Developer Linux News for Jul 31, 2000

  • ApacheCon Europe 2000 registration open (Jul 31, 2000, 23:46)
    "We have scheduled 42 sessions -- 63 hours of technical, developer-related, and business-related content, covering the Apache Software Foundation's Web server, Java, XML, Perl, and PHP projects, among other topics."

  • Report on the Perl 6 Announcement (Jul 31, 2000, 23:08)
    "Technically, there's not very much "wiggle room" in the source code, because the internals are so convoluted and difficult. And there's not much "wiggle room" in the language itself, because of the need to support ten-year-old Perl 2 code."

  • ZDNet: Apple faces lawsuit over G4 Cube (Jul 31, 2000, 22:03)
    "Cobalt Networks Inc., manufacturer of the Qube server appliance, alleged on Friday that Apple had infringed its trademarks. Cobalt's Qube, which was launched in May 1998, is a deep blue, 7-inch-square server for hosting Web applications."

  • BW: GraphOn Corp. to Market Bridges Web-Enabling Software in Japan (Jul 31, 2000, 20:41)
    "In keynote speeches this past week at the ASP Asia Conference and at ICe (Internet Commerce Expo) in Hong Kong, GraphOn business partner, Mr. Toshio Matsuda, President and CEO of Research Institute for Computer Science (RICS), announced a joint business development agreement with GraphOn Corp."

  • IT-Director: Microsoft Windows for free (Jul 31, 2000, 19:48)
    "With appliances, nobody cares about what is under the bonnet, the external functionality is more important... By bundling Windows with the device, Microsoft is essentially giving it away. In doing so it gives itself an exit strategy from the oncoming drought in the OS space."

  • Python-URL! for July 31, 2000 (Jul 31, 2000, 19:37)
    "Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language."

  • KDE Desktop Available for Linux (Jul 31, 2000, 19:22)
    "Third Beta Preview of Leading Desktop for Linux and Other Unixes."

  • BSD Today: Using NetBSD (part 2): Configuring XFree86 and installing a window manager (Jul 31, 2000, 19:18)
    "In this article I'll cover my experiences configuring XFree86 and installing the Ice window manager."

  • Corel On The Roller Coaster; Distro Madness Management With WhatIfLinux.Com (Jul 31, 2000, 17:21)
    " long as data interchange remains viable between the Microsoft Office components and Linux-based office suites, there's a chance to get the [WordPerfect Office] ball rolling again... "Whatiflinux is an application manager for personal and distributed systems. Ostensibly, it keeps track of over 10,000 applications (!!) and informs administrators of updates."

  • NewtorkWorld: Interface developments (Jul 31, 2000, 16:43)
    "Two recent developments in Linux desktops may interest enterprise network users: another brand-new Linux graphical user interface and a new X Windows release."

  • CNET Microsoft to release Windows 2000 bug fixes [SP1] (Jul 31, 2000, 14:20)
    "Release of the service pack could help Microsoft pick up more Windows 2000 Server installations at a time when Linux is rapidly grabbing market share."

  • Tcl-URL! for July 30, 2000 (Jul 31, 2000, 09:05)
    Tcl is a simple textual language, intended primarily for issuing commands to interactive programs such as text editors, debuggers, illustrators, and shells.

  • LinuxPR: Linux Trinidad and Tobago Site Launch (Jul 31, 2000, 08:14)
    " caters to the Open Source community in Trinidad and Tobago and is designed to showcase the benefits of the Linux OS and other open source technologies in the enterprise, small office/home office and home user environments."

  • LinuxPR: Partners With (Jul 31, 2000, 08:09)
    "Together, resources like and are helping Linux to quickly move to the front of the embedded operating systems pack."

  • KMail Progress Review (Jul 31, 2000, 07:27)
    "With a new stable release approaching it's time to review how the developments made to KMail in the last year will benefit KMail users. All parts of the KMail application have been worked on, I'll comment on many of the KMail components."