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Developer Linux News for Aug 01, 2000

  • CNET News.com: Mozilla.org puts browser to work as word processor (2000-08-01 21:16:15)
    "...Mozilla participant James Russell has launched an effort to integrate into the Mozilla browser the StarOffice productivity applications soon to be released into open-source development by Sun Microsystems."

  • eWeek: A toast to wine for running win apps (2000-08-01 21:12:42)
    "Although Lotus has released its Domino server for Linux, Notes has yet to reach the client side. This meant that if I were to run Notes on Linux, I'd have to do it with Wine."

  • ZDNet: Evan Leibovitch: Bleeding edge for the rest of us (2000-08-01 20:40:59)
    "The Caldera Linux Technology Preview (LTP) is an actual boxed, two-CD distribution that offers a taste of Linux to come. Based on pre-release versions of the 2.4 kernel, KDE 2.0 and the newest XFree86, the LTP is the first kit I've seen in a while that easily allows those unversed in kernel installation to examine future developments."

  • Xtreme 3D: Gaming in Linux (2000-08-01 20:12:45)
    "A gamer shouldn't have to dish out money to a third party in order to obtain drivers for their sound card since the manufacturer is too lazy to produce their own drivers."

  • LinuxWorld: Tux Racer [Review] (2000-08-01 19:59:55)
    "Tux Racer is a simulation in which you play the ice wizard, Tux himself. It is your job to steer him down the courses as fast as you can, avoiding trees and obstacles in your race against the clock. Excellent visuals and a fun, fast-paced snow theme make an entertaining combination."

  • LinuxNews.com: LinuX-Men's Special Effects Team Moving to Maya--and Linux (2000-08-01 18:58:39)
    "While the X-Men wrestled with super-villains like Magneto onscreen, the film's post-production special effects designers wrestled with computer-generated villainy of another type--but they expect Linux-based assistance soon from SGI..."

  • Tonight Live: Napster, Linux Insider and the Republican Convention >> On The Linux Show!! (2000-08-01 15:47:34)
    "As usual we will be covering the hot linux news of the week; including some sneak previews of Linux World expo and the Lineo IPO."

  • Penguinista.org: Open source Star Office: Ruminations of its signifigance (2000-08-01 15:37:45)
    "I'm not concluding that... open sourcing of WordPerfect's source code or Applix office's is a panacea... nevertheless, the possibility of failure or of things going awry shouldn't deter Corel or Applix from seriously evaluating the open source option."

  • ShowMeLinux.com: What If Microsoft Made Linux Applications? (2000-08-01 15:17:58)
    "If big brand-name applications like Office were ported to Linux, consumers who just use web browsers and word processors would see that Linux is not only for college students and technogeeks. It's an operating system anybody can profitably use."

  • LinuxPlanet: The Graphics Lab on Your Linux Desktop (2000-08-01 13:19:04)
    "If you just want to get the red-eye out of photos before putting them up on your web page, or if you feel like making elaborate photo-collages, these tools start with the basic act of getting your digital camera to talk to your PC, and end with making simple slideshows of the finished product."

  • ShowMeLinux.com: Gnumeric and the Gnu Love of my Life (2000-08-01 08:29:28)
    "I love Excel. There, I said it. Anti-Microsoft agitators reading this will cringe, but the idea of giving up my Windows workstation for Linux is hampered by my admiration for Excel and its many elegant features. And I'm not alone."

  • China Daily: Can Linux break Windows? (2000-08-01 08:04:48)
    "Because of the emergence of the open-source Linux operating system, Chinese software developers are beginning to write software programmes that can be used on operating systems other than Windows."

  • MkLinux.org: [MkLinux] Performa 52xx/53xx/62xx/63xx Support (2000-08-01 04:55:50)
    "As of July 31, 2000, the PowerMac 5200/5300/6200/6300 family of computers, and their Performa equivalents, are officially supported in MkLinux."

  • Kernel Traffic #78 By Zack Brown (2000-08-01 01:41:39)
    Mailing list threads from the Linux Kernel Development Team.