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Developer Linux News for Aug 24, 2000

  • Midgard Weekly Summary for August 24, 2000 (#44) (2000-08-24 22:33:35)
    Midgard is a freely-available Web application development and publishing platform based on the popular PHP scripting language. It is an Open Source development project.

  • BW: Merlin Software Announces $2.1 Million Funding (2000-08-24 21:13:05)
    "Under the terms of the placement Merlin sold an aggregate of US $2.1 million in Convertible Notes and 1,520,000 Share Purchase Warrants."

  • LinuxNews.com: GNOME Foundation's Members Outline Goals--and Position on MS Competition (2000-08-24 20:36:54)
    "Industry leaders backing the newly-formed GNOME Foundation's run at the desktop have heartily agreed to support the free software applications suite's development--but not all of the participants agree that such support is tantamount to a declaration of war on Microsoft."

  • Linux kernel 2.2.17pre20 (Linus submission) (2000-08-24 20:23:56)

  • LinuxPR: LinuxWorld: Atipa Takes Top Honors (2000-08-24 17:09:46)
    "...led all exhibitors at last week's LinuxWorld Conference and Expo by winning three of the ten "Show Favorite" awards presented for outstanding products. Atipa products were chosen as Show Favorites in three categories: Servers, Hardware/Hardware Peripherals, and Software Utilities."

  • The Register: Intel intros dotage.station (2000-08-24 15:48:47)
    "The branded Intel box running Linux, first revealed by The Register last year, has become generally available for system providers to resell. ... The appliance, only available so far in a "beautiful Intel metallic blue" is being re-packaged in the US by Sageport, and aimed at senior citizens over the age of 55, and in France by e-laser."

  • Korea Herald: First Korean-language Linux office software launched (2000-08-24 12:33:31)
    "A venture firm released the first Korean-language office software to run on the Linux operating system."

  • Washington Post: Hands On [Corel Linux] (2000-08-24 08:54:52)
    "Within 20 minutes, I was up and running. Even Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition took longer to set up."

  • Upside: Indrema gets chummy with Linux (2000-08-24 07:44:13)
    "If you thought the embedded systems market was competitive, try taking a swim in the shark-infested tank that is the video game console space."

  • LinuxPR: Little Book Packs a Lot of Info on CVS (2000-08-24 07:25:20)
    "This small book, the ultimate companion for open source developers, covers CVS Version 1.10.8 and delivers the core concepts of version control, along with a complete command reference and guide to configuration and repository setup."

  • Linus Torvalds: linux-2.4.0-test7 (2000-08-24 06:25:42)

  • BetaNews: K-Meleon Browser Showcases Gecko (2000-08-24 02:10:30)
    "I have always liked the new Gecko engine, however the clunky and bloated XUL interface of Mozilla has turned me (and other Windows users) away from the browser," Christophe [Thibault] told BetaNews, "so I decided to write my own on a bored and cloudy day."

  • EETimes: Mentor ports IC Station to Linux (2000-08-24 01:13:06)
    "Claiming to offer the first complete, full-custom IC design solution on Linux, Mentor Graphics Corp. has announced that its entire suite of IC Station products is now available on the open-source operating system. Mentor is supporting Red Hat Linux version 6.0 and is promising identical functionality to the Unix-based IC Station tools."

  • TheStreet.com: Tuck Away That Tissue, Linux Investor [VA Linux Q4 results] (2000-08-24 00:34:31)
    "...VA Linux held on to its customers for repeat business that brought in 80% of its revenue. ... Server sales made up 75% of VA Linux's business, while a burgeoning professional services operation accounted for 15% of revenue, with the final 10% made up by Web-related revenue such as online advertising."