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Developer Linux News for Aug 26, 2000

  • MacWeek: A doomed cause? (2000-08-26 21:10:58)
    "Some key Linux developers, encouraged by the announcement of GNOME as the standard desktop environment for Linux and Unix, believe that Linux is poised to overtake the Macintosh as the primary challenger to Microsoft Windows. One, open-source advocate Eric S. Raymond, went as far as to describe the Mac platform as "a noble but doomed cause."

  • Duke of URL: Storm Linux 2000-Commercialized Debian? (2000-08-26 19:49:18)
    "Now that Debian has finally hit a stride and released one marvelous release after another, we're starting to see the same kind of tactics distributions like Kondara, Mandrake, and Gentus are using against Red Hat. That's right, Storm is setting out to make Debian better!"

  • Linux Orbit: Kicking the Windows Habit (2000-08-26 11:13:54)
    "...I chose the laptop to take over as my workstation, and I decided to stick with Linux and see if I couldn't go cold turkey and kick my Windows habit. So far, the experiment is a resounding success, and I don't plan on going back to Windows when my Quantex laptop gets fixed."

  • lists.kde.org: Regarding 'osOpinion: The GNOME Ascendant' (A discussion of component architecture) (2000-08-26 02:34:44)
    "Noone is going to embed a remote spreadsheet document into a word document, running on a machine on the other side of the ocean. This is a nice dream and it is certainly technically interesting (no doubt about that), but it is not what the average desktop user really wants."

  • Real.com: RealPlayer Updated, Unix Community Support Forum Added (2000-08-26 02:18:09)
    "RealNetworks has recently updated RealPlayer for Linux and included a new RealPlayer for Unix Community Support Forum on their site."