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Developer Linux News for Aug 28, 2000

  • CNET News.com: Glitch prompts Intel to recall 1.13-GHz Pentiums (2000-08-28 23:29:51)
    "...various computer hardware review sites began noting a problem with certain kernels of the Linux operating system. Intel at first could replicate the problem only when the chips were operated outside recommended temperature specifications. Over the weekend, it began noticing problems even within the chip's specifications."

  • Eric Raymond: A Response to the DVDCCA Brief (2000-08-28 22:25:05)
    "The Open Source Initiative, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is the custodian of of the Open Source Definition and widely recognized in the open source community for its educational and advocacy work on behalf of the that community, takes the strongest possible exception to it."

  • ZDNet: Microsoft: The next generation (2000-08-28 22:05:54)
    "Of course, it doesn't stop there. The CLR [Common Language Runtime] not only can jump processors running Windows, but also jump processors and operating systems in general. What this means is someone creates a CLR for MacOS (or for Xfree86/Linux, BEOS or any other GUI-based operating system), and the programs written under the CLR in Windows will run in those environments as well."

  • Canada Computes: Linux Games: An Open Letter to the Gaming Software Industry: Part 1 (2000-08-28 21:18:02)
    "Recently, John Carmack has been speaking about the sales of games released for Linux. He has said how poor the sales have been, using as an example the sales of Quake 3: Arena, stating they have barely been a blip on the radar."

  • CreativeLinux.com: Linux Desktop: Trash or Treasure? (2000-08-28 19:25:47)
    "Forget the "KDE or Gnome?" hoopla. At this year's LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in San Jose, California, Digital Content Creation was only concerned with one thing . . . would there be a desktop of any kind in five years, Linux platform or no?"

  • LinuxPlanet: Peace and Bread in Time of War: GNOME Defended (2000-08-28 17:29:01)
    "The fact is, the GNOME Foundation promises to help a process... taking Linux out of the server room and giving users of all skill levels a chance to enjoy the benefits many of us have enjoyed for a long, long time. It's no more sinister than Red Hat selling a shrink-wrapped product, or VA Linux preinstalling one distribution or another."

  • Ch@nnelWeb: CRN Interview: Bob Bishop [SGI Chairman/CEO] (2000-08-28 16:25:35)
    "What is Silicon Graphics doing in terms of Linux? ... We have decided to build systems on Linux and Intel and transfer a lot of other technologies to capture this entry-level base because the economics are so good. And we want to run that parallel to our MIPS/IRIX business."

  • LinuxPR: Turboprint for Linux (2000-08-28 15:38:22)
    "Turboprint makes it possible to use the latest color printers with Linux. It is designed to produce maximum quality photo prints as well as high-speed text documents. Printer set-up and configuration will become as simple as on Windows or MacOS."

  • OLinux.com.br: [Interview with Alan Cox] (2000-08-28 13:41:40)
    "How is your personal relation with Linux Torvalds? Did he ever invite you to join Transmeta? ... Actually I don't know Linus that well. I guess its more of a working relationship than anything else. Transmeta people have tried to get me to work for them but I'm not keen to work on what is effectively proprietary software in their CPU core."

  • NY Times: Code Name: Mainstream: Can Open Source Bridge the Software Gap (2000-08-28 11:47:17)
    "In a new report, the group, known as the President's Information Technology Advisory Committee, will recommend that the federal government back "open source software as an alternate path for software development," according to a draft copy of the report, which will be sent to the White House and published in a matter of weeks."