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Developer Linux News for Aug 30, 2000

  • CNET News.com: Sun helps Linux go global (2000-08-30 22:43:49)
    "The software is a layer that makes it easier to write software onto which any number of languages can be grafted."

  • Enterprise Linux Today: The Open Days Are Just Beginning (2000-08-30 21:23:28)
    "I remember the Open Systems promises like they were only yesterday....The first problem was cost. The second problem was inter-operability. Enter the dark horse, Linux."

  • SF Gate: Jobs' sneak preview of next Mac system [OS X] (2000-08-30 20:33:33)
    "...it brings many fundamental benefits to users like stability, reliability and performance... it has a greater affinity to Unix-type systems, such as Linux."

  • LinuxPR: Pixami Completes Linux Solution for Online Photo Enhancement Technology (2000-08-30 20:20:07)
    "Pixami has added Linux support in response to the operating system's overwhelming adoption on the Internet, and by the online photo industry in particular."

  • LinuxPR: FTOSX on the way ... (2000-08-30 15:11:12)
    "The product will be based on Linux 2.4, with a RedHat Linux hierarchy and KDE 2.0 on X Window System 4.0.1. FTOSX will run on i386 and PowerPC processors."

  • LinuxPlanet: .comment: Disco Night at the Old Folks' Home (2000-08-30 13:11:45)
    "The old money is starting to take an interest in Linux, and no matter what you think of it, it's a little pathetically comical, like disco night at the old folks' home. Or midlife crises, when men who ought to know better do things like buy motorcycles and marry beautiful, much younger women (though in at least one case I know of -- me -- this has worked out pretty well)."

  • Linux.com: Do We Need a Different Kind of Software? (2000-08-30 13:08:41)
    "I would like to see the free software library grow every day, and with any luck, I'll be a contributor. But I wonder if what we really need is "another office application," or "a more friendly interface."

  • LinuxToday.com.au: Linux and Napster - The Paradoxical Parallels (2000-08-30 11:09:45)
    "At first sight Napster has little in common with Linux. Look below the surface and you'll find there's a deep philosophical link that goes way beyond technology and points the way to a freer, more democratic future."

  • LinuxToday.com.au: Galeon: The Little Browser That Could (2000-08-30 10:55:01)
    "Gecko provides a huge code base for Galeon to make use of, and as a result, in the short time that the project has been operative, Galeon has developed into a fast, functioning browser."

  • Evil3d.net: Linux Made Easy With easyLinux [Distribution Review] (2000-08-30 10:50:50)
    "Everyone knows Linux has a steep learning curve, right? In steps easy Information Technology. Based in Germany, eIT dares to counter these ideas by making the easiest Linux distribution possible"

  • SunWorld: Scripting with C (2000-08-30 07:31:54)
    "While we generally think of C as the prototype industrial language -- hard-edged, high-performance, and dangerous-- numerous projects have attempted to wrap C in a more amiable package."

  • LinuxMedNews: Win4Lin Puts Windows on Linux Desktop (2000-08-30 07:18:11)
    "Let's face it, on the desktop it is still a Microsoft world. Windows and the myriad useful programs such as Quickbooks, Lotus Notes and Photoshop, that are unique to it are not going to go away soon."

  • Linux Today Quick Takes (2000-08-30 05:28:37)
    "Quick takes aplenty this time around. In Malaysia, Linux users have gone wireless; in the Netherlands, business gets serious about Linux; in your mailbox, Microsoft cries out for help; and on their own pages, even as they cuddle up with GNOMEs, Sun spreads a little... sunshine... about "public domain software."