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Developer Linux News for Aug 31, 2000

  • BW: IBM Launches $200 Million Linux Initiative In Asia Pacific, Including Linux Development Centers (2000-08-31 23:14:14)
    "As a key part of this initiative, IBM announced that it is opening a series of Asia Pacific Linux development centers to help software vendors port their applications to the Linux environment."

  • BW: Merlin Software to Provide Support For Sun's Solaris, IBM AIX and RedHat SPARC (2000-08-31 23:04:22)
    "Even though PerfectBACKUP+ for Solaris is still in release 5, we continue to see between 100 and 140 downloads of the product each month. That's roughly 20% of all PerfectBACKUP+ downloads from our site."

  • GameSpy.com: Linux Gaming (2000-08-31 22:37:57)
    "Games and Linux, two subjects which everyone at least has an opinion on, but at the most recent Linux World Expo there was more than an opinion on display and more than just empty promises."

  • LinuxNews.com: Familiar Music Sounds GNU With LilyPond (2000-08-31 20:05:59)
    "Educators and statisticians generally agree that musical prowess and scientific aptitude are related by the language of mathematics, often complementing each other's development."

  • Midgard Weekly Summary for August 31, 2000 (#45) (2000-08-31 19:42:26)
    Midgard is a freely-available Web application development and publishing platform based on the popular PHP scripting language. It is an Open Source development project.

  • LinuxPlanet: Editor's Note: It's Raining Hardware in Portland (2000-08-31 18:59:42)
    "Linux, grassroots phenomenon that it is, has long suffered from the snubs of high-end aficionados, who have rightly pointed out that enterprise computing is a tough nut to crack for anybody, let alone an OS that has thrived primarily in areas of computing where the hardware involved is cheap and ubiquitous."

  • eWeek: Tech Analysis: .Net changes rules (2000-08-31 15:39:03)
    "The Windows platform, despite its portfolio of services for application developers, shows a lack of attention to productivity and usability goals that are finally addressed by Microsoft Corp.'s forthcoming .Net initiative. ... Microsoft's .Net platform will buffer developers from error-prone tasks such as data type checking and memory management, automating these services (much like Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Java) in the .Net run-time environment..."

  • technofile: Deluxe version of Corel's revised Linux comes with a lot of extras (2000-08-31 14:35:58)
    In some ways it's easier to use, [than Windows] especially if you count all the ways Corel Linux handles the basic setup of the operating system. Windows needs to catch up to be in the same league as Corel Linux in this area.

  • The Register: Word processor to be integrated with MSN Explorer client (2000-08-31 14:23:19)
    "Think of what MSN's doing as developing a simple kind of client middleware that would be relatively straightforward to implement on other operating systems. Say AOL's Linux Web appliance is a success, mightn't that be a smart place to start?"

  • Linux.com: KDE: Konspiracy, Kalumny, Konsternation? (2000-08-31 08:46:48)
    "A few important things the KDE team and its advocates should realize, however, is that although GNOME is now considered by many to be "the default desktop," that really doesn't mean anything."

  • CCN: SpellCaster Announces Contract With Cisco (2000-08-31 00:55:43)
    "TeleScope Server is SpellCaster's Linux derivative server operating system. TeleScope Server has office server and connectivity features designed to provide both ease of use and lower deployment costs in multi-server environments. This operating system incorporates the robust stability of Linux and a user-friendly browser based user interface."

  • LinuxPR: Open3 Integrates Jabber Open Source Instant Messaging (2000-08-31 00:26:00)
    "Announcement strengthens case for adoption of open source technology in the enterprise."