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Developer Linux News for Sep 21, 2000

  • IBM DB2 Universal Database Enterprise Edition, Version 7.1 for Linux download (2000-09-21 22:15:22)
    "This evaluation copy of DB2 Universal Database Version 7.1 is a fully Web-enabled relational database management system. It is scalable from single processors to symmetric multiprocessors to massively parallel clusters."

  • PRNewswire: CYRANO Confirms Release Date of OpenSTA (2000-09-21 21:09:02)
    "Using OpenSTA a user can generate realistic heavy loads simulating the activity of hundreds to thousands of virtual users, whatever the development languages used. This capability is fully realized through OpenSTA's distributed testing architecture."

  • AllAfrica.com: GNOME Foundation To Benefit South Africa (2000-09-21 20:53:30)
    "The development of a modern user environment, based on open industry standards which will run on virtually all UNIX operating systems as well as hardware platforms, will work well within the South African IT industry."

  • PR: Sun Announces Plans to Establish Accessibility Lab and Works with GNOME Foundation to Establish Fund (2000-09-21 19:35:46)
    "Sun Microsystems today announced it will establish an Accessibility Technologies Lab to work on technology development for people with disabilities. The lab will work to develop an assistive technologies framework for utilities, device drivers, and voice interaction capabilities for the upcoming GNOME 2.0--a free, open-source, and easy-to-use user environment. In addition, Sun also announced it will be working with the GNOME Foundation, an organization of open community developers and leading high-technology companies, to establish the GNOME Foundation accessibility development fund that will be used to provide grants for projects that provide research and that develop assistive technology for the GNOME user environment. This fund will be managed by the GNOME Foundation."

  • KDE Dot News: Corel ports Mozilla to Qt (2000-09-21 19:13:53)
    "Buried under hundreds of emails on the Konqueror mailing list, was this little gem from Ming Poon of Corel. Apparently, Corel has been working for months on a Qt port of Mozilla. The results are reportedly impressive with QtMozilla turning out to be more stable than the official Linux GTK version. Corel plans to port QtMozilla to KParts so it won't be long before you can embed even that in Konqueror."

  • Community: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing? (or, Does Intention Matter?) (2000-09-21 15:40:57)
    The licensing issues are resolved and the "desktop wars" are back to their usual slow simmer. Claude Rubinson, however, argues that there's more to Free Software than following the letter of the license, and here he takes up the question of the intimate linking of a business entity (Helix Code) with a Free Software project (GNOME) and asks about the importance of commercial intent.

  • LinuxPlanet: Editor's Note: Xi Graphics Is Here to Save You from Free Software (2000-09-21 15:27:14)
    "For the purposes of feuding over desktops, CDE is, to Linux users, a non-issue. KDE and GNOME are the acknowledged primary competitors in the Linux world, and the recent opening of Motif and CDE have done nothing to shake that. For purposes of feuding over standards, CDE is more often used as the poster child for the standards process running amok. If ever an interface managed to bring to computing the same design standards that went into, say, the platypus, CDE is it. The fact that some of the same heavies that tried to inflict it on us once upon a time are now behind GNOME speaks volumes about where they stand on it today. Chalk that one up to a victory for Free Software or, if you aren't as sanguine as I am about the future of Linux on the desktop, the utter and abject failure of industry pointing a loaded standard at our heads."

  • NYTimes: It's a Word World, Isn't It? (2000-09-21 12:32:32)
    "Today many people are surprised to learn that WordPerfect still exists, so complete is Microsoft Word's dominance. But WordPerfect, the oldest word processing program still in wide production for PCs, is thrumming along."

  • LinuxPR: KDE Dot News goes live! (2000-09-21 09:07:46)
    "The KDE Desktop Environment project is pleased to announce the launch of KDE Dot News, a news and discussion site dedicated to KDE and supported by the KDE community."

  • LinuxPR: Easy Software Products Releases ESP Print Pro v4.1.3 (2000-09-21 09:05:36)
    "ESP Print Pro v4.1.3 adds new drivers for EPSON, Xerox and GCC printers."

  • LinuxMedNews: Innovation, Open Source and Lessig (2000-09-21 07:38:12)
    "For Lessig, the importance of open source is not in it's increased efficiency, it's increased robustness, but rather in it's use of commons to foster innovation. This should really be obvious to anyone engaged in producing software."

  • LinuxWorld: Opening minds at OpenSales - Recent open source POS module could make waves (2000-09-21 00:49:16)
    "Currently, the company's primary software offerings are OpenSales AllCommerce and OpenSales Retailer. Both are written in Perl, covered by the GPL, and available for download from OpenSales' developer site."