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Developer Linux News for Sep 23, 2000

  • Linux Magazine: Getting Artsy and Crafty with GUIs (2000-09-23 22:15:19)
    "Not only does Linux have two distinct GUI environments from which to choose (and customize), but it also has at least a dozen window managers that sit on top of those environments, and each has its own unique themes. It's enough to make decorating your desktop space a Major Project."

  • Alan Cox: Linux 2.2.18pre10 (2000-09-23 21:40:22)
    "More USB synchronzation. Other fixes of stuff that crept in from the big changes before and a few longer term bug fixes."

  • Linux Gazette: Introduction to Shell Scripting (2000-09-23 18:38:17)
    "At this point in the series, we're getting pretty close to what I consider the upper limit of basic shell scripting; there are still a few areas I'd like to cover, but most of the issues involved are getting rather, umm, involved. A good example is the `tput' command that I'll be covering this month..."

  • Linus Torvalds: Linux-2.4.0-test9-pre6 (2000-09-23 00:36:09)
    "This should fix the VM deadlocks (knock wood), and adds the infrastructure for better samba serving. And lots of small details..."