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Developer Linux News for Sep 24, 2000

  • LinuxFocus: Approaching Vector Linux (2000-09-24 23:23:46)
    "The actual installation of Vectorlinux required some very interesting partitioning techniques with several disk utilities. The result, however, yielded a very capable system."

  • LinuxToday.com.au: How Long For Corel's Linux Strategy? (2000-09-24 22:05:36)
    "Some of the financial stuff in this deal a little unusual, you can read about that elsewhere. Here I'm more concerned about what these events mean from a Linux perspective."

  • LinuxFocus.org: Bastille-Linux (2000-09-24 17:31:00)
    "First of all, let's make it clear: Bastille-Linux is NOT a new Linux distribution! It's a set of scripts, written in perl intended to improve Linux security."

  • Canada Computes: XChat: Full-Featured IRC Client for X (2000-09-24 13:09:58)
    "Of course, to access IRC you need software. In Windows, mIRC rules the roost. While this is a fantastic program, it's not free. Linux, however, has several IRC programs and the best I've found so far is XChat."

  • Software Development: Open Source Forte for Java (2000-09-24 02:05:23)
    "Although Forte was on to a good idea with the key combination for code completion, there are still bugs to be worked out. Once you've summoned the code completion list, you can only get rid of it by selecting something. If you ask for code completion, then decide that you'd rather just type the rest of the expression yourself, the code completion list sticks around until you complete the expression, or until you switch to a different window. This is not quite as annoying as it sounds, but a simple 'close window' box on the code completion list would help, at least psychologically, even if it's never used."