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Developer Linux News for Sep 30, 2000

  • FreeOS.com: Why bring home the penguin? (2000-09-30 16:41:25)
    "...why would somebody want to switch over from a well known and 'easy to use' OS to something used by geeks, hackers and the like. Well, the answers could be stability, a virus free (so far) world and good quality software that comes for free. My favorite answer is choice."

  • Duke of URL: The Big Red Hat [Review of Red Hat 7.0] (2000-09-30 15:36:33)
    "Overall... A great distribution for anyone with new hardware. However, a word to the wise, if stability is your primary concern, look to a distribution like Slackware or Debian. An excellent desktop system for those users out there who want the latest in hardware support."

  • About.com: Temporary Storage Woes (2000-09-30 13:07:57)
    "Are you finding less and less storage space on your root filesystem, but you can't figure out where it's all going? You may have a temporary (/tmp) directory gone amok."

  • Duke of URL: Inside VMWare [2.0.2 Review] (2000-09-30 11:07:49)
    "VMware has quite an amazing amount of support for hardware. Unfortunately, it still is quite picky with new versions of XFree86 and can't do any 3D acceleration like WINE can. ... A great choice for corporate users or users who demand stability... A great piece of workstation software, but the price will drive most home users away."

  • Alan Cox: Linux kernel 2.2.18pre12 (2000-09-30 00:00:24)
    "Just bug fixes. The sound stuff wants a good hard testing, the other stuff shouldnt be too risky. Cyrix MTRR works again I hope. The ps/2 mouse reconnect stuff is now an option you must enable to avoid breaking touchpads."