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Developer Linux News for Oct 21, 2000

  • Linux Magazine: The Road to Kick-Ass Gaming (2000-10-21 21:07:25)
    "Driver struggles put Linux game vendors like Loki in a no-win scenario. If they don't handhold customers through the process of updating X, acquiring the right OSS driver, and installing the latest 3D driver for the video card, people like me get on their case for delivering inadequate installation instructions. If they do offer advice, they get a new batch of problems."

  • LinuxProgramming.com: Book Review: The Multi-Boot Configuration Handbook (2000-10-21 19:47:00)
    "An exhaustive and nearly exhausting examination of the issues, tools, and techniques related to running more than one operating system on the same computer. If you're interesting in running any two or more of Linux, FreeBSD, BeOS, OS/2, DOS, and any flavor of Windows on the same system, this book could be just the thing you need at 2AM when things so seriously wrong, or you simply can't figure out how to do something simple in a multi-OS setup. Highly recommended."

  • Linux.com: Modify That Quaking Penguin! (2000-10-21 19:04:37)
    A summary of the most popular Quake 3 Arena mods.

  • JPython relaunches as Jython (2000-10-21 16:02:54)
    The Python scripting language for Java, formerly known as JPython, is about to be relaunched as Jython, and continuing development of the language will begin shortly after a lengthy period of uncertainty surrounding its licensing.

  • 32BitsOnline: Review of Accelerated-X Laptop display server for Linux (2000-10-21 15:38:13)
    "Xi Graphics makes a killer server display if the XFree86 driver for your video card is unavailable or is crap. ... Will I use it after the fix comes out on XFree86? Probably not."

  • Duke of URL: The Struggle For Wireless LAN on Linux (2000-10-21 13:34:29)
    "The problem now is the choice of protocols. And most of them aren't compatible with each other. We will take a quick look at the more popular protocols and the cards that use them, at their advantages and disadvantages, and at how cross platform they are, i.e. will the work in other non-Redmond OSes."