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Developer Linux News for Oct 28, 2000

  • Freshmeat: Linux -- The New CP/M? (2000-10-28 19:37:15)
    "...I think the important path for Linux is to fully support the Windows Office Suite and all other major Windows applications, yesterday if not sooner. Support of the VB environment is crucial to this. Development of freeware and shareware clones for these applications will follow once the Linux market is established.

  • InfoWorld: Linux users enjoy customizable interfaces (2000-10-28 19:09:59)
    "Flexibility, logic of Gnome and KDE interfaces allow Linux users to address their own needs, rather than the developers', while at the same time boosting personal productivity and satisfaction"

  • FreeOS.com: Microsoft Office for Linux? (2000-10-28 18:29:52)
    "Many people interested in trying out Linux often want to know if their favorite application runs on Linux. The most popular applications are Word and Excel, since they've become the de facto Office suites under Windows. People are more interested in knowing if these would run under Linux. They often ask, 'Does Microsoft Office run on Linux?' Most Windows users don't really go around fiddling with the operating system, but use it only to run the application. They aren't as interested in learning, or using, the underlying OS. They're happy as long as their favorite application runs! If Microsoft Office does run on Linux, it would probably compel these users to switch to Linux."

  • LinuxJournal: Say "No, thanks" to Offers of Illegal MS Source Code (2000-10-28 18:03:19)
    "Anybody who wishes to be involved in free software should have nothing to do with anything claiming to be Microsoft source code released without license or in any informal way," said Eben Moglen, general counsel of the Free Software Foundation and professor of law and legal history at Columbia University."

  • 32BitsOnline: Review of Sensiva for Linux PR1 (2000-10-28 17:02:09)
    "Average users can extend the capabilities of Sensiva, one command at a time, by drawing a symbol with the mouse (or loading a set of predefined symbols) and assigning it to a desired command. After doing this, performing the same motion with the mouse will perform the desired command. The Linux version of Sensiva still has a long way to go before it reaches the functionality and feature richness of its Windows and Mac cousins."

  • Linux-World.dk: Best Linux 2000 R2 Review (2000-10-28 13:02:21)
    "...I'm very pleased to see that Best Linux by default do not start a load of (insecure) system services, including web server, ftp server, telnet, etc. This is the way it should be. Let this be a lesson to all other (well, many of them at least) distribution not to do this. It can be a huge security risk with all these system services running, if they aren't properly post-configured."