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Developer Linux News for Nov 30, 2000

  • CNET Dell invests in Linux-for-the-masses company Eazel (Nov 30, 2000, 23:41)
    "Dell, once a staunch ally of Microsoft, has been moving gradually toward embracing open-source Linux as one of its three "strategic" operating systems, along with Windows and Novell NetWare."

  • Enterprise Linux Today: Netscape 6: At Long-Awaited Last (Nov 30, 2000, 23:24)
    "So what's the score? Is Netscape 6 a revolution in the making, or is it too little too late? Is it any good for users, and will it make developers' lives easier?"

  • LinuxPR: openCOLA Refreshes You Best (Nov 30, 2000, 21:57)
    "The "open" part of the moniker represents "open source", and the COLA part is an acronym for Collaborative Object Look-up Architecture."

  • LinuxPlanet: Adobe Says No to Free Beer (Nov 30, 2000, 21:43)
    When Adobe pulled the plug on FrameMaker earlier this week, it was clear Adobe figured out that it couldn't make any money selling expensive, high-end commercial software to a community that lives for Free Beer. The distressing thing, Kevin Reichard argues, is that the community doesn't realize that the constant clamoring for Free Beer and the disdain for commercial vendors could lead to the eventual demise of Linux.

  • eWeek: Dell gives Linux a bigger hug; invests in Eazel (Nov 30, 2000, 21:40)
    "The deal extends the "holy war" between GNOME and KDE (K Desktop Environment). Dell is clearly favoring the GNOME project, with Michael Massetti, Dell's software marketing director, admitting he hoped this deal would make Dell's Linux desktop offering more competitive with KDE."

  • CNET Did Netscape jump the gun with new browser? (Nov 30, 2000, 20:57)
    "Long heckled for being late to market with its new browser, Netscape Communications is now the target of critics who say the company jumped the gun in releasing the browser this month."

  • ZDNet: Should I stay or should I go? Would anyone miss Corel if it left the Linux market? (Nov 30, 2000, 19:36)
    "Corel has never seemed to grasp where the Linux market was, is, or is going. When the company first came out with a distribution, it concentrated on a desktop play and ignored Linux's strengths in the server and Internet space."

  • AllLinuxDevices: Korean Firm Develops First Linux-Based Mobile Phone (Nov 30, 2000, 19:21)
    "A Korean venture firm has developed the world's first Linux-based mobile phone, which includes several multimedia functions. The phone runs on Palm Palm's Linux-based operating system called Tynux, which it developed in June."

  • NYTimes: Netscape 6 Browser: Mixed Bag (Nov 30, 2000, 18:29)
    "But if Web-page designers are mostly pleased with Netscape 6, ordinary mortals are in for a broad array of disappointments. The program is a memory glutton, hoarding 20 to 25 megabytes of RAM. (Abandon all hope, ye with 32-megabyte PC's.) Its speed is fine once you're online, but it takes nearly a minute to start up, even on fast Macs and Windows PC's - long enough for you to say, 'I wish this browser were built into the operating system' 20 times in a row."

  • LinuxWorld: Testing Netscape 6; Is it possible to be both big and efficient? (Nov 30, 2000, 16:30)
    "I performed three tests. They were in no way scientific, but represent to me a real-world situation from which a user may draw an opinion."

  • Polish Parliament deploys Linux [Updated with Link to story in English] (Nov 30, 2000, 12:56)
    "Its offices have started the migration from PCs to an x-terminal based computer infrastrucure. 100 Linux-based x-terminals with the Intel Celeron processor and Linux operating system installed in flash memory are almost ready to work."