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Developer Linux News for Dec 23, 2000

  • Duke of URL: XFree86 4.0.2 Review (2000-12-23 23:36:34)
    "While the version number would indicate that it's just a bug release, after investigating the latest updates, it would appear that 4.0.2 is much more..."

  • Linux Journal: Do Your Homework; Thomson Multimedia suggesting MP3 patent infringement by Ogg Vorbis (2000-12-23 23:01:59)
    "Ogg Vorbis has a kicking free alternative to MP3 that sounds fantastic. Unfortunately, the company that was paying their bills went under, but Ogg is moving forward as normal. While they try to get back on its feet, this monkey from Thomson Multimedia tries to sow doubt and cast blame on a group he probably knows very little about."

  • Linux.com: A First Look at GDAM, an Audio Mixer for Linux (2000-12-23 17:04:31)
    "If you're wondering what GDAM stands for, the answer is "Geoff and Dave's Audio Mixer." ... Here, I discuss what this software does best, improvements that could be made, and a few tricks to quickly get it up and running."

  • MSNBC: Microsoft to cut costs, not salaries; New priorities in face of profit shortfall (2000-12-23 16:36:21)
    "It was the first early profit warning from Microsoft since 1989, and sent rumors that the company would depart from history even more dramatically by announcing a major layoff. In his memo, Mr. Ballmer rejected that possibility. "To be clear, resource reductions don't translate into employee layoffs," he wrote, though adding that the company will "reduce unfilled head count."

  • About.com: Linux RAID Revisited (2000-12-23 13:38:23)
    "The Linux software RAID code has been updated for the 2.4 kernel series and has been "backported" to the 2.2 kernel series in patch form."