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Developer Linux News for Dec 25, 2000

  • GIMP 1.2 is Out. (2000-12-25 18:47:26)
    With little fanfare, GIMP 1.2 is now available.

  • Transmeta's Crusoe, HotRod or Performance Hog? (2000-12-25 17:08:09)
    "Transmeta has developed a whole new approach to microprocessor design, and not just another processor. Rather than implementing the entire x86 instruction set of the processor in hardware, the Crusoe processor consists of a compact hardware engine surrounded by a software layer."

  • WineHQ.com: Of Dynamic loading in Wine (2000-12-25 16:05:06)
    "Wine recently had lots of new features in the way it handles dynamic linking."

  • SearchEnterpriseLinux.com: Take OpenNMS 0.4.0 for a drive (2000-12-25 15:18:00)
    "The stripped-down, 0.4.0 interim version of OpenNMS is a single-server solution with features appropriate for Internet Service Providers and small to medium-sized companies. It will be compatible with the full, enterprise-level OpenNMS release that will come out in early 2001."

  • SunWorld: wxWindows: mature but little-known Portable C++ framework is the basis for successful applications (2000-12-25 14:38:26)
    "Julian Smart created wxWindows in 1992 while doing research with the Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute in Edinburgh, Scotland. wxWindows is a "free C++ framework to make cross-platform programming child's play."

  • webTechniques: Optimize PHP 4 with Zend Optimizer (2000-12-25 13:44:07)
    "PHP has matured into a powerful language that's easy to learn and is supported on many platforms. However, flexibility and ease of use come at a price: system performance."

  • InformationWeek: Is There An Open-Source Solution? (2000-12-25 13:17:54)
    "Despite a lack of marketing resources, more businesses are discovering and deploying open-source software in their back offices. Support has improved, and capable tools quickly become the standard by which commercial products are measured."

  • IBM developerWorks: Interviews with the creators of JPython and Python for .NET (2000-12-25 12:42:04)
    "Although Python is commonly equated with CPython, its specification has been implemented elsewhere several times, including in applications for Java and .NET. JPython compiles Python source to Java bytecode and provides transparent access to Java classes."