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Developer Linux News for Dec 26, 2000

  • DukeOfURL: Best Linux 2000 R3 [Review] (2000-12-26 21:00:19)
    "Best Linux has moved to international circles by providing a distribution that supports several languages: Finnish, English, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, German, French and Estonian. While the addition of these languages to Linux is important, one must ask, what else has Best Linux done to differentiate itself from other distributions, specifically Red Hat?"

  • Midgard 1.4 "Bifrost" has been released (2000-12-26 20:50:51)
    "Midgard 1.4 brings numerous enhancements to the Midgard 1.x architecture. A number of bugs have also been fixed since the Midgard 1.2.5 release."

  • Tcl-URL! for December 26, 2000 (2000-12-26 20:37:02)
    Tcl (Tool Command Language) is used by over half a million developers worldwide and has become a critical component in thousands of corporations. It has a simple and programmable syntax and can be either used as a standalone application or embedded in application programs. Best of all, Tcl is open source so it's completely free.

  • LinuxNewbie.org: A Whine About Wine (2000-12-26 20:30:53)
    "The software industry has been unable to keep up with the huge influx of Windows users turning to Linux who need access to Windows applications. The result is applications that either emulate or run Windows concurrently with Linux to allow access to Windows applications."

  • Evil3d.net: Getting BestLinux 2000 & NVIDIA Cards Play Nice (2000-12-26 19:30:28)
    "This is what worked for me on BestLinux 2000 R3. I cannot say for sure it will work on any other version of BestLinux or any other distribution. There may be a few unneeded steps, but like I said, this is how *I* got it to work. If you try it and it doesn't work, e-mail me and I'll be glad to help you out as best I can."

  • Linux.com: Tk: The Forgotten Language (2000-12-26 19:00:03)
    "So forget all these new-fangled languages and toolkits. The application I've written could have been written in 1994 using the now venerable but perfectly serviecable Tcl/Tk. Tk may not be the trendiest graphical toolkit around, but it is sturdy, simple, and gets the job done."

  • Canada Computes: Open Source Linux Games Roundup (2000-12-26 17:30:58)
    "So of the three games I tried, all versions of older classics, Quadra takes the gold medal, partly because I have always been a serious Tetris fiend. Maelstrom gets the silver for being a nice conversion of Asteroids, albeit it with annoying sounds and XPete falls at the final hurdle. It would be an amusing distraction if it didn't crash."

  • Kernel Traffic #99 By Zack Brown (2000-12-26 17:00:13)
    Mailing list threads from the Linux Kernel Development Team.

  • LinuxPlanet: Giving Voice to Linux with ViaVoice (2000-12-26 16:40:41)
    Voice has been the Holy Grail of computing applications for years now, as everyone dreams of throwing away their keyboards and issuing orders directly to a PC. With IBM's ViaVoice, says Scott Courtney, you won't be able to throw away that keyboard -- not quite yet, anyway.

  • LinuxDevices.com: Hacking the iPAQ with Linux, for fun and profit (2000-12-26 16:00:00)
    "At present, software development on the iPAQ is fairly daunting for those not comfortable with Linux cross-development methods, or with the array of GUI development tools available for Linux. Those familiar with one or both of these areas will be happy to find that applying them to iPAQ development is straightforward."

  • Enterprise Linux Today: Florist.com Blossoms with Open Source E-Commerce Software from Akopia (2000-12-26 09:10:10)
    "Open source software expands from its traditional webserver and operating system roles to provide the e-commerce application that manages the electronic storefront."