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Developer Linux News for Dec 27, 2000

  • Zope 2.2.5 b1 released (2000-12-27 23:45:22)
    "This release contains a number of bug fixes, and includes all Hotfixes to date."

  • Linux Orbit: Instant Messaging on GNU/Linux Part 1: AIM (2000-12-27 21:20:18)
    "So whats a GNU/Linux user to do? Is there an alternative to these proprietary clients? Can GNU/Linux users even join the IM party?"

  • Wired: Vaporware 2000: Missing Inaction - 2.4 Kernel Makes #4 (2000-12-27 17:53:00)
    "4: A New Linux kernel: Linus Torvalds promised a new kernel for Linux, version 2.4, by December. Where is it? Er ..."

  • LinuxPower: Linux user interface: Strength of diversity or a stranglehold of inconsistency? (2000-12-27 15:32:04)
    "...I think and hope that the long term situation will improve... due to more and more old and inflexible applications being replaced with newer, more flexible ones and at the same time the flexibility and intuitivity of Linux applications will increase with incremental improvements in theme-technologies and due to influence from people like the usability experts at Eazel."

  • NetRaider Project: Building a Basic Unix Web Browser (2000-12-27 14:40:14)
    Our particular itch is that currently available browsers for Unix are either too large, too unstable, rely on third-party software or are proprietary. Enter NetRaider: small, fast, independent and free (we are working on the 'stable' part ;-)). Though currently tested only on Linux, we have the strong intention to make it available on as many Unix platforms as possible.

  • MozillaQuest: Sneak Preview of Mozilla Milestone 0.7 -- Release Expected This Week (2000-12-27 14:31:36)
    "Would you like a sneak preview of Mozilla 0.7? If so, you can download and try the 24 December 2000 Mozilla Mtrunk build."

  • LinuxPlanet: .comment: Ain't Anti-Aliasing Amazing? (2000-12-27 13:25:47)
    When it comes to handling typefaces and fonts, Linux does an extremely poor job; in fact, its poor handling of fonts is probably one of the biggest reasons why Linux hasn't made more inroads on the desktop. That's why the newsgroups were buzzing with the news that anti-aliasing was now possible on the Linux desktop under KDE 2.0 and XFree86 4.02. But, as Dennis E. Powell reports, he found it virtually impossible to set it up on his Linux desktop -- even after some personal assistance from Keith Packard and Waldo Bastian.