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Developer Linux News for Dec 30, 2000

  • Kernel Cousin Samba #37 By John Quirk And Zack Brown (2000-12-30 22:00:52)
    Samba is an open source software suite that provides seamless file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients.

  • Kuro5hin.org: Is KDE digging its own grave? (2000-12-30 20:31:51)
    "By supporting Gnome components under KDE, the KDE have created a standard component architecture for Unix. Unfortunatly for them it is the component architecture of their competitor. Now that they have done this, is there any reason to develop components for KDE?"

  • Swedish GNU GPL goes final (2000-12-30 18:37:16)
    "The Swedish translation of GNU GPL 2 has been updated to a third and probably final version. This version has been proofread by two programmers in the GNU field and two lawyers versed in the software license field."

  • wine-devel: TransGaming DirectX Release [DirectX for WINE] (2000-12-30 17:51:17)
    "Our goal is nothing less than 100% compatibility for running Windows games on Linux through Wine."

  • Linux Journal: Andre "Linux IDE Guy" Hedrick on proposed CPRM in IDE drives (2000-12-30 17:00:32)
    Don Marti of LinuxJournal interviews Andre Hedrick, the maintainer of the Linux ATA subsystem, on the ramifications of Content Protection for Recordable Media, and how Linux developers may work around the proposed copy control system.

  • Linux.com: When Will Mom Use Linux? (2000-12-30 12:00:34)
    "Two years ago I was bold and naive enough to assert that my mother would be able to switch to Linux by now. And if Linux were ready for her, I think there's a pretty good possibility that she would do just that."