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Developer Linux News for Dec 31, 2000

  • FreenetProject.org: The Free Network Project - Vapourware? (2000-12-31 22:01:41)
    "I have noticed that increasingly in the press Freenet is being criticized for not being as easy to install and use as systems like Napster and Gnutella. While this is somewhat understandable given the normal length of time between hearing about an Open Source project and having something easy to use, Freenet is not a normal project by any means."

  • Linux Orbit: 10 Questions with Miguel de icaza (2000-12-31 18:48:08)
    "To me, Helix was a continuation of the GNOME project. There are some tasks in the GNOME project that are not fun to do (like packaging of software, software updates, delivering the latest technologies) that are not easy to do with volunteers (Debian is a project that actually has managed to do this very well, but when we tried to do this within the GNOME project, we never managed to get this off the ground)."

  • NPR's Public Interest Update on the "Free Software Movement" (2000-12-31 17:43:48)
    Kojo Nambe's topic Tuesday on NPR's Public Interest was the Free Software Movement.

  • LinuxMonth: TCL File Formats (2000-12-31 16:41:34)
    "This column shows some simple but powerful techniques to make TCL data persistent in a text file and to parse it again from the file at a later point. We make use of TCL's flexible syntax to make the data files easily readable and even editable."

  • DB2 Magazine: Serving Up Linux (2000-12-31 12:33:12)
    "Long thought of as the free operating system, Linux today boasts heavyweight features that let it take on even enterprise-strength requirements."

  • Alan Cox: Linux 2.4test-ac merge status (2000-12-31 08:26:05)
    "This is to help give folks an idea of what -ac stuff has been pushed to Linus, is still in need of work, has been dumped in the bitbucket of bad ideas etc."

  • Linus Torvalds: 2.4.0-test13-pre7 (2000-12-31 08:25:41)
    "The LDT fixes in particular fix some potentially random strange behaviour. And the alpha memmove() thing was a showstopper bug on alphas."