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Developer Linux News for Jan 23, 2001

  • Apache Today: Plesk Releases Version 1.3.1 of Its Server Administration Tool (2001-01-23 23:36:44)
    "In addition to version 1.3.0 features, key features of the 1.3.1 release include the ability to: fully customize Apache configurations, use PHP4, manage SSL certificates, setup email autoresponders, easily implement 3rd party software, run embedded Perl scripts, and fully brand the interface with a corporate logo."

  • Slashdot: Making Software Suck Less (2001-01-23 22:49:15)
    "There's hope, though. Improving the ways in which we produce software can dramatically improve the software itself. Extreme Programming suggests that simple habits, acting in concert, produce extremely powerful results."

  • EarthWeb: Unconventional Java Programmer Finds Open-Source Roots Deep Within IBM (2001-01-23 22:04:26)
    "You know what Java's good for, right? Web client applets, server-side business components, large-team object-oriented fresh developments, that sort of thing? And system management on business minicomputers, deep in the heart of the enterprise."

  • DukeofURL: Linux 2.2 VS. 2.4: Benchmarks, HowTo and More. (2001-01-23 20:11:04)
    "The days are also over when an external package needed to be installed for PCMCIA -- it's supported internally via the kernel, now. The future is here -- and it's Linux."

  • LinuxNovice.org: Mutt: An e-mail users best friend -- Part One (2001-01-23 18:44:35)
    "With all the choices of graphical e-mail clients available to Linux users, the reader may wonder why I would spend time on a terminal based e-mail program. ... Let me start with why I use Mutt and then why you might like it too."

  • Corel Abandoning the Operating System Market, Focusing on Core Money-makers (2001-01-23 17:23:45)
    Faced with heavy losses and layoffs, Corel today announced its strategy for returning to profitability this year. The company will be retaining WordPerfect and CorelDRAW for Linux, but according to CEO Derek Burney, "we won't be in the operating system business any longer is what it boils down to."

  • LinuxPlanet: From the Desktop: T is for twm and Tracking Originality (2001-01-23 16:21:58)
    Those whose roots in UNIX actually predate Linux will remember twm, known variously as the Tab Window Manager and Tom's Window Manager. For many years, twm was the best freely available window manager for the X Window System, and it still exists to this day as a functional window manager for Linux systems. Brian Proffitt looks at twm and why it's so important in the history of X.

  • Enterprise Linux Today: Sun's Linux Strategy: Judge Deeds, Not Words - and Listen to IBM (2001-01-23 14:49:20)
    "The first new products released by Cobalt since its acquisition by Sun are still running Linux, but that may not be the end of the story. IBM thinks Sun's actions have "let the Linux genie out of the bottle" and Sun won't be able to put it back in, or control it. And at least one IBM exec thinks that IBM's Linux strategy is starting to pay off."

  • Guido van Rossum: Python 2.1 alpha 1 released! (2001-01-23 14:26:40)
    "Thanks to the PythonLabs developers and the many hard-working volunteers, I'm proud to release Python 2.1a1 -- the first alpha release of Python version 2.1."

  • Linus Torvalds: Linux 2.4.1-test10 (2001-01-23 08:19:22)
    "The ChangeLog may not be 100% complete. The physically big things are the PPC and ACPI updates, even if most people won't notice."

  • Miguel Freitas: Multiple local XFree users under Linux (2001-01-23 07:47:59)
    "This text describes how to modify XFree86 to get two (or more) people using a single Linux computer simultaneously. They just need 2 keyboards, 2 mice, 2 video cards and 2 monitors to get their independent desktops running."

  • Dr. Dobbs TechNetCast: The Nautilus Project (2001-01-23 00:22:18)
    "An introduction to Eazel's graphical shell for Linux."

  • LinuxWorld: Indigo Magic Desktop for Linux (2001-01-23 00:09:05)
    "The project to port IMD to Linux resides at 5dwm.org and is run by Erik Masson, a geek from Quebec who has been living in Hong Kong for the past seven and a half years."