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Developer Linux News for Jan 24, 2001

  • Enterprise Linux Today: IBM Brings Personalization Software to Linux Environment (2001-01-24 21:36:02)
    "Key e-marketing Software Now Runs on Open Operating System."

  • OpenNMS Update v2.4 (2001-01-24 20:39:20)
    The mission of OpenNMS.org is to build the world's best Internet infrastructure management system with the assistance of the open source community and to make it free and open.

  • LinuxNewbie.org: Configuring kHTTPd NHF (v0.95) (2001-01-24 15:39:46)
    "kHTTPd is a webserver that handles only static (file based, non-cgi/php) webpages, and passes all requests for non-static (dynamic) information to a regular userspace-webserver such as Apache or Zeus. ...allowing the userspace-webserver program (such as apache) to do what it does best: deliver dynamic contenet..."

  • PlanetIT: Partisans Offer Varied Views Of Linux's Future (2001-01-24 06:10:58)
    "Given its dramatic momentum, Linux seems all but certain to play a role in corporate life. Despite its high profile, however, Linux remains a minority OS, and it's still not clear just what will have to happen before Linux becomes a corporate mainstay."

  • PlanetIT: Alternative Business Tools - Build an office suite for less (2001-01-24 05:51:11)
    "For the first time in years, your options when choosing business software products aren't limited to Windows. You just have to be a bit of a renegade to discover them."

  • Apache Today: NeuVis Introduces NeuArchitect 3.0 (2001-01-24 04:41:55)
    "NeuVis, Inc. today announced the availability of NeuArchitect 3.0, the cornerstone of the NeuVis I-RAD Platform. The new modeling and construction features in NeuArchitect 3.0 make it particularly well suited to solve key enterprise-level "pain points" facing Global 2000 organizations, including tying legacy systems to the Internet, building XML messaging-based applications, creating applications for wireless devices and increasing application development productivity."

  • Internet Product Watch: Zend PHP Tools (2001-01-24 03:48:10)
    "Development And Server Tools For PHP Sites."

  • Linux Journal: DARPA Hoists the Red, White and GNU (2001-01-24 01:57:17)
    "According to the solicitation for proposals on DARPA's web site, 'These trusted operating system capabilities will be created by engaging the Open Source development community in the development of security functionality for existing open-source operating systems.' In other words, military security development is coming soon to your friendly neighborhood CVS server, and, by the way, free software licenses mean that you won't have to wait, or negotiate technology transfer red tape, to benefit from spinoffs."

  • PRNewswire: Microsoft Reaches Agreement to Settle Contract Dispute With Sun Microsystems (2001-01-24 01:45:41)
    "The technology license and distribution agreement was signed by the parties in March 1996 and was due to expire in two months. Under the terms of the settlement, the existing technology license agreement between the two companies is terminated. Microsoft can continue to ship all current products and those in beta containing Sun's technology for a period of seven years and in return agrees to pay Sun $20 million. Microsoft agreed not to use Sun's Java Compatible trademark, which it has not done since 1998."

  • Linux Orbit: Making Linux Work in the Workplace: KWord (2001-01-24 00:06:48)
    "One of the biggest selling points in any Linux pitch is the rock-solid uptime and performance, which is why I found KWord's stability (or lack thereof) surprising."