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Developer Linux News for Jan 26, 2001

  • LinuxPR: Jabber Selected along with Linux for Testing in new $24M Open Source Developers Lab (2001-01-26 20:49:20)
    "As demand for Jabber increases, we're pleased to have the opportunity to test our software on hardware and equipment not normally accessible to us in the open source community."

  • LinuxPR: Future Technologies joins KDE League ... (2001-01-26 20:24:16)
    "TKDE will be available after the official release of KDE 2.1 and FTOSX will be available after the official release of Linux 2.4.1."

  • developer.ez.no: eZ publish 2.0 beta 1 Released (2001-01-26 17:16:16)
    eZ publish is a web based application suite. It delivers functionality ranging from publishing of news, web logs and diaries, through web shop functionality like shopping carts and wishlists and forums to intranet functions like contact handling and bug reporting.

  • LinuxPlanet: Sleeping with the Enemy (2001-01-26 16:07:36)
    Sometimes writing about writing about Linux involves taking a few knives in the back from people you agree with because you didn't agree hard enough. But when Michael Hall ran across a thoughtful discussion of the future of Evolution on a Ximian/GNOME mailing list -- a discussion fueled by an ex-program manager for Microsoft Outlook, no less -- he came to the following realization: the constructive work is happening out of easy reach by any yahoo with a web browser and too much time on his hands, and that makes the yahoos irrelevant.

  • VNU Net: Corel denies MS effect on Linux shift (2001-01-26 15:12:03)
    "Corel's decision to spin off its Linux business... could actually spell bad news for the Windows giant... part of Corel's alliance with Microsoft... was about "porting [Microsoft's] technology to Linux. So they might be unhappy that some developers will be disappearing."

  • The Economist: Linux Gets Serious (2001-01-26 12:57:59)
    "It is used for niche tasks, such as running web servers, but it is generally deemed to be too immature for the most demanding environments, such as heavy-duty database systems. Recent events, however, suggest that Linux --whose mascot is a cheerful penguin-- may have outgrown the commune of its birth."

  • eWeek: IBM makes set of Java libraries open source (2001-01-26 08:36:06)
    "In a move to push the Web services movement forward, IBM Thursday released the source code for UDDI for Java to the open source community."

  • Midgard Weekly Summary for January 26, 2001 (#56) (2001-01-26 07:44:13)
    Midgard is a freely-available Web application development and publishing platform based on the popular PHP scripting language. It is an Open Source development project.

  • LinuxPR: Sistina Software Releases GFS 4.0 for Linux (2001-01-26 02:21:03)
    "Sistina's GFS transforms a cluster of Linux servers into a Storage Cluster, extending all of the availability and performance of clusters to storage sensitive compute activities."