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Developer Linux News for Feb 26, 2001

  • Alan Cox: Linux kernel 2.2.19pre15 (Feb 26, 2001, 23:25)

  • Tcl-URL! - weekly Tcl news and links (Feb 26) (Feb 26, 2001, 22:39)
    Tcl (Tool Command Language) is used by over half a million developers worldwide and has become a critical component in thousands of corporations. It has a simple and programmable syntax and can be either used as a standalone application or embedded in application programs. Best of all, Tcl is open source so it's completely free.

  • Kernel Cousin Gimp #33 by Cris Flagg (Feb 26, 2001, 22:05)
    Newsletter of the Gimp developers' mailing list prepared by Cris Flagg. The Gimp is a high-end, open-source graphics application which competes with Adobe Photoshop.

  • LinuxPR: ActiveState continues Brain Gain: Developers & Management Join From Across the Globe (Feb 26, 2001, 21:42)
    "ActiveState is assembling a substantive team of leading developers and senior management from around the world."

  • Python-URL! - weekly Python news and links (Feb 26) (Feb 26, 2001, 21:37)
    "Python is an open source, interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language."

  • LinuxPlanet: Links Provides Multicolumn Text Browsing (Feb 26, 2001, 21:33)
    Who needs a GUI when you have text-based Web browsers like Links available? Yes, you read this correctly: Links (not the more popular lynx) is a great way to render Web pages on a text-based Linux interface, reports Brian Proffitt, especially when you're dealing with multicolumn Web pages.

  • CNET Microsoft: We did not stifle competition (Feb 26, 2001, 20:27)
    "I don't see how you can get a reversal," Judge David Tatel told Microsoft's lawyer at one point."

  • Canada Computes: Opera - A viable Netscape alternative (Feb 26, 2001, 18:30)
    "Enter Opera. Opera has been around for Windows for many years now. It's fast, sleek and is only really lacking Java support. Javascript is supported, but not Java. Since I never use Java, this doesn't concern me. I personally think Java is the worst thing to hit the Web since the BLINK tag."

  • Upside: Wind River inside; competition for Linux in embedded devices (Feb 26, 2001, 17:14)
    "There are a number of companies that make embedded operating systems including Microsoft, Palm (PALM) and a variety of Linux companies. But Faucette said, "The threat from Microsoft and Linux is really concentrated in things that look and act like PCs. Lower memory and processor devices are more difficult for those operating systems."

  • eWeek: Microsoft puts more heat on open source; Linux developer community responds (Feb 26, 2001, 16:11)
    "Recent remarks by executives add fuel to anti-Microsoft fire in the Linux developer community. ... They're just digging themselves into a bigger hole," said Jim Jagielski, executive vice president of the Apache Software Organization..."

  • LinuxPlanet: KDE 2.1: A Desktop Aimed at Grownups (Feb 26, 2001, 15:49)
    The KDE Project may be downplaying the newest release of the K Desktop Environment, but make no doubt about it: KDE 2.1 is a significant upgrade that brings many needed capabilities to the desktop. Dennis E. Powell looks at what's new in KDE 2.1, including LAN browsing, an enhanced Control Center, and the return of the external taskbar.

  • Surfing Kernel Code (Feb 26, 2001, 15:46)
    "For someone who's never looked through the source, 145 megabytes of compressed C and assembly sounds daunting. However, it is easy to see why Linus has maintained his benevolent dictatorship over the kernel. All the source is wonderfully organized into modules and directories, which makes things easy to find and understand."

  • ZDNet: Zend Sticks to Basics; a Linux IDE for PHP (Feb 26, 2001, 15:15)
    "Overall, the Debug Server is the most advanced feature of the Zend IDE. Once we deployed files to a PHP server running Zend Debug Server, we were able to set watches and breakpoints, step through or over our code, stop or pause the debugger, view debug messages, and monitor the resulting output."

  • Alan Cox: Linux kernel 2.4.2-ac4 (Feb 26, 2001, 07:36)

  • LinuxWorld: Make Debian the base standard - apt-get beats RPM (Feb 26, 2001, 07:36)
    "apt-get, Debian's way of updating and upgrading, is the right way to resolve the dependency problems that plague the various distros and ultimately hobble Linux's ability to take over the computing world."

  • Upgrading your kernel (Feb 26, 2001, 07:25)
    "There are two ways to upgrade a Linux kernel, and they can be divided along these lines: the beginner's method and the I-don't-mind-getting-my-feet-wet method."

  • LinuxPower: GStreamer: The future of Linux Multimedia (Feb 26, 2001, 04:18)
    "One of the projects which recently seemed to burst onto the Linux scene out of nowhere with explosive power is GStreamer. In this interview with project founder Erik Walthinsen we will discover that there was nothing overnight about GStreamer's recent rise to fame at all, rather the hard work off a dedicated team."