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Developer Linux News for Mar 29, 2001

  • LinuxPR: The Open Group Announces Open Source Manageability Services Broker (2001-03-29 23:29:59)
    "The Pegasus source code, which is written in C++, is publicly available from The Open Group's server, and is being released under an open source license."

  • PC Magazine: New Linux Kernel Boosts Server Power, Desktop Compatibility (2001-03-29 23:20:01)
    "Linux 2.4 is all that and more. It has better support for USB, 1394, and it's even ready for Bluetooth. Our review has lots more information on the enhancements."

  • CNET News.com: The GIMP 1.2.1 [Review] (2001-03-29 22:26:53)
    "After many years of development in the open source community, the GIMP has matured into a remarkably powerful image manipulation program with an extensive set of features rivaling that of Adobe Photoshop."

  • Economist.com: Digital baroque (2001-03-29 21:22:54)
    "The idea is that when an update to a particular piece of software becomes available, Nautilus allows the user to download and install it with a single click."

  • Python-dev Summary, March 15 - 29, 2001 (2001-03-29 20:33:53)
    "This summary of traffic on the python-dev mailing list is intended to inform the wider Python community of ongoing developments."

  • LinuxProgramming: Cadence releases TestBuilder 1.0, a testbench C++ class library (2001-03-29 17:41:19)
    "Cadence Design Systems, a supplier of electronic design products and services, announced the release of TestBuilder 1.0, a new version of its testbench C++ class library that now includes a rich library of event expressions and support for VHDL as well as Verilog. With these enhancements, TestBuilder 1.0 has extended C++ into a full-functioned verification language for production use."

  • The Register: Be getting ready to open source BeOS? (2001-03-29 17:32:38)
    "Is Be planning to release its BeOS operating system to the open source community? It's something it has discussed in the past but never come down on the issue one way or the other."

  • Evans Research Survey Says 77% of Linux Developers Prefer Red Hat (2001-03-29 16:36:28)
    "Research firm Evans Data has released a survey of Linux developers indicating that the majority of those surveyed selected Red Hat Linux as the most likely distribution for use with web servers or web application servers. The survey involved over 300 Linux developers interviewed in January of 2001, of which 77.2% chose Red Hat Linux. 3.5 times more than the number two choice of distributions."

  • SuSE Security Announcement: Kernel Backdoor (April Fool's joke) (2001-03-29 15:28:04)
    "Many German Linux users have been calling SuSE support to learn details on how to deal with this problem, not willing to believe that the article is an April Fool's joke on security. None of the claims are correct, which makes a kernel update unnecessary for this particular problem."

  • Alan Cox: Linux kernel 2.4.2-ac28 (2001-03-29 09:22:37)