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Developer Linux News for Mar 31, 2001

  • IT-Director: Linux: winning answers. Need I say more? (2001-03-31 21:00:30)
    "Many commercial software vendors can supply Linux versions of their product, but some customers may not want to retain the same application vendor and would like to move to an alternative. This is an ideal opportunity for the Linux community to pick up."

  • LinuxHardware.org: Agenda VR3 Developer Edition Preview (2001-03-31 20:03:55)
    "The Agenda is very well designed, and a joy to use. It is great fun to have a handheld running the same OS as my desktop. It really is Linux. There is a complete set of GNU like tools, which is actually Busybox's "Swiss Army Knife" of tools in a single executable. It still feels the same, due to careful aliasing. By default, the standard distribution runs a very small footprint shell, ash. But Bash 2 is installed and you can easily configure it to be your default shell by changing the /etc/passwd file."

  • LinuxPower: Eazel making its way forward in a sea of change (2001-03-31 18:00:28)
    "But the reality is that Nautilus is a very ambitious project, and we depend heavily on rapidly evolving technologies such as Bonobo and Mozilla. So we're proud of the product we've shipped, and we're listening to the feedback, and we're committed to addressing the concerns we've heard over the next few releases."

  • Linux Journal: VMware Express 2.0 and Win4Lin 2.0: A Comparison Review (2001-03-31 16:00:04)
    "Each of these offers a way to access Windows applications from a Linux desktop, and I will evaluate each based on performance in test applications, including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Adobe Photoshop, Apple QuickTime and id Software's Wolfenstein 3D."

  • LWN: The Linux 2.5 kernel summit (2001-03-31 15:00:46)
    "The "Linux 2.5 Kernel Summit" is a two-day affair, held in San Jose, California. The purpose of this invitation-only event was to get the core kernel hackers together in one place to meet each other and to look toward the imminent 2.5 development series.

  • PC Magazine: Linux Reborn: Kernel 2.4 (2001-03-31 14:00:15)
    "The reliability of Linux is already legendary, and that reputation is arguably based on the strength of its small, efficient kernel."

  • MachineOfTheMonth: A look at Killustrator from KDE (2001-03-31 12:00:32)
    "What is Killustrator? Well, Killustrator is supposed to be a vector-based graphics design product that you can use on the Linux platform. This being said, how useful it will be to you is an open question because the product does not appear to be perfect yet. It appears to be a work in development."