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Developer Linux News for May 18, 2001

  • Linux Magazine: SGI 330 Packs a Punch (2001-05-18 22:30:12)
    If you've got an extra $6,000 or so laying around, and you need a graphics workstation that takes advantage of dual GHz processors, 512MB RAM, and a hypersteroidal video card it sounds like the SGI 330 might be the way to go. This review says it's "a shining example of what every Linux-compliant PC workstation vendor should supply."

  • LinuxPR: Bynari Makes Open Request to KDE and Gnome (2001-05-18 20:45:14)
    "Bynari's Insight client allows Linux and UNIX workstations to peer directly in an Exchange enterprise without the need for proxies. Bynari wrote modular componets which provide Outlook interoperabiliy in anticipation of working with OpenOffice and KDE's mail, addressbooks and calendars."

  • LinuxPR: LinuxWorld Launches Worldwide Developer Conference (2001-05-18 20:30:22)
    "IDG World Expo announced today that the upcoming LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, taking place August 26 - 30 at The Moscone Center in San Francisco, will host the first Worldwide Developer Conference for developers of Linux and Open Source technologies. The Worldwide Developer Conference will focus specifically on the needs of application and technical developers."

  • LinuxProgramming: Richard Stallman: GNU C Library Steering Committee (2001-05-18 19:39:22)
    "The FSF has formed a steering committee to be the governance body for the GNU C Library (glibc). The committee will have overall responsibility for the maintenance of GNU libc as a part of the GNU Project."

  • LinuxPR: Jon "maddog" Hall on "Does Open Source Software Threaten Intellectual Property?" (2001-05-18 18:26:15)
    "A Keynote panel on this topic will be held at Linux@work in Paris on June 13, 2001"

  • Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.4-ac11 (2001-05-18 03:22:06)
    Changelog within.

  • Eric S. Raymond: Microsoft's "Shared Source" plan -- such a deal! (2001-05-18 02:00:43)
    Here's a brief broadside by Eric Raymond in celebration of Microsoft's new Shared Source web site.

  • Salon: Life after Eazel (2001-05-18 00:49:12)
    Andrew Leonard offers a gloomy post-mortem on Eazel. The two points of signifigance he seeks to make are that Free Software was tolerated as geek excess in a more permissive economic period wherein said geeks could do behave like rock stars, and that Eazel's departure from the scene has deprived him of a talking point when defending the potential usability of the Linux desktop.