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Developer Linux News for May 31, 2001

  • GNU.FREE 1.6 is now available. (2001-05-31 22:44:57)
    This is an interesting project worth investigating not only for the software itself, but some of the writing you'll find on the site. The project's maintainers describe it so: "The FREE e-democracy project aims to create secure, private, scalable and reliable non-partisan Internet Voting software protected by the GNU GPL. This software is GNU.FREE and is written in Java."

  • Matrox Graphics introduces PowerDesk for Linux (2001-05-31 21:00:25)
    PowerDesk is a utility that allows users to configure Matrox graphics adapters under XFree86. This utility makes it easier to adjust resolutions, color depths, refresh rates, and screen positioning, as well as enable Matrox specific features such as DualHead and TV output.

  • LinuxJournal: Linux on the Desktop--an Impossible Dream? (2001-05-31 18:25:49)
    Linux Journal weighs in on the dead desktop debate, examining the comments of the Dell executive who maintained that Linux is "too technical" for widespread acceptance. The author identifies the existence of two major desktop environments as a "fork" but goes on to say that Microsoft will likely contribute to Linux's gradual acceptance almost as much as any gains made within Linux itself.

  • LinuxProgramming: GNUstep LaunchPad Version 1.0.1 Released (2001-05-31 17:45:32)
    GNUstep LaunchPad is a collection of libraries for creating non-graphical tools and applications using an API based on OpenStep and the MacOS X API. As with its godfather, the OpenStep system developed by NeXT, developers have noted that GNUstep allows faster development time and more flexibility than with other common application development libraries.

  • LinuxPlanet: .comment: Road Building (2001-05-31 03:25:28)
    There are many questions about Linux that go unanswered because it would just take too long to do the research. Risking his life on the dreaded Interstate 95 and associated roadways, Dennis E. Powell has done the research necessary to answer one of them, satisfying the curiousity of the thousands, hundreds, scores, dozens (or, when you get right down to it, probably a number you could count on the fingers of one hand) of people who were wondering.

  • NeTraverse Announces Availability of Win4Lin 3.0 (2001-05-31 00:12:01)
    Win4Lin 3.0 is out. The press release and a download link within.