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Developer Linux News for Jun 15, 2001

  • Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.5-ac15 (Jun 15, 2001, 22:47)
    Enable MMX extensions on Cyrix MII, make pid on core dump configurable, ensure Promise RAID driver doesnt look at non-disk devices, fix IDE chipsets that incorrectly think a 64K DMA is in fact zero size, fix generic alpha build Trident driver, and more within.

  • Focus on Infusion (a new challenger to Outlook/Exchange?) (Jun 15, 2001, 22:28)
    Here's a brief review of Infusion and an accompanying interview with its developer. A front end to Citadel/UX, Infusion offers (or will offer) a lot of functionality including local/Internet mail, calendaring (as provided by the KParts API) and some additional functionality mentioned in the article. It's an interesting project with enough potential that the author wonders whether Aethera and Evolution couldn't learn a few plays from its book.

  • Kernel Cousin Gimp #44 by Cris Flagg (Jun 15, 2001, 21:51)
    Newsletter of the Gimp developers' mailing list prepared by Cris Flagg. The Gimp is a high-end, open-source graphics application which competes with Adobe Photoshop.

  • Linux Programming: Release of Version 1.1.4 of the GNU Ada Database Envrionment (Jun 15, 2001, 21:15)
    "The GNADE team has released the Version 1.1.4 of the GNU Ada Database Environment for Linux, Windows NT other *nix platforms."

  • LinuxPR: Release New Elite Stencil Style for Kivio (Jun 15, 2001, 21:00)
    "Kivio is a graphing and flowcharting tool for KDE and KOffice that is similar in direction to Visio from Microsoft. Kivio now has a collection of 19 Stencil sets ranging from Network diagrams, to electronics, chemistry, flowcharting and more. Prices are only $5 to $10 per set."

  • LinuxPR: Bastille Linux Release Version 1.2 (Jun 15, 2001, 20:18)
    "The Bastille Linux development team today announced the release of Bastille Linux 1.2, a hardening script for multiple Linux distributions. With this release, Bastille Linux delivers on the full promise of simplified, automated security administration for Linux systems.

  • Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.5-ac14 (Jun 15, 2001, 00:57)
    "In terms of going through the code audit almost all the sound drivers still need fixing to lock against format changes during a read/write. Poll creating and starting a buffer as write does and also mmap during write, write during an mmap."