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Developer Linux News for Jun 18, 2001

  • Linux Programming: ActiveState Announces Visual Perl, Visual Python and Visual XSLT (2001-06-18 21:49:18)
    "These solutions allow developers to edit, debug and run programs written in Perl, Python and XSLT in the Visual Studio.NET IDE."

  • NewsForge: Engarde Secure Linux (2001-06-18 20:30:46)
    NewsForge reviews Engarde Secure Linux and says the distribution "just might be the best distribution for Web/mail servers yet. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of other distributions or operating systems, but it would seem that, unlike other companies that market server OSes, Guardian Digital does not think Pinball is an appropriate application for a server."

  • Linux Programming: Tcl-URL! - weekly Tcl news and links (Jun 18) (2001-06-18 18:07:52)
    All the latest news from the Tcl world.

  • Linux Programming: GCC Version 3.0 Is Released; Includes Support for Java and IA-64 (2001-06-18 14:34:40)
    "GCC 3.0 includes rewritten support the Intel and AMD 32-bit family of processors, which includes all Pentium systems. GCC 3.0 now generates much better output for these processors. This allows programs to run faster on such systems."

  • Wall St. Journal: Microsoft Uses Open-Source Code Despite Denying Use of Such Software (2001-06-18 12:55:55)
    Lee Gomes, the reporter who wrote the friendly (and curiously MSNBC-edited) piece last week about "Microsoft's Uphill Battle Against Linux" is back this week with an amplification on Microsoft's use of open source software. According to the story, some FreeBSD volunteers have found a lot of BSD software in use, even in Windows 2000, which has prompted Microsoft spokespersons to get to the point: "The Microsoft spokesman, in acknowledging that fact, said it didn't contradict the company's many recent anti-open-source statements. He said that's because Microsoft's main objection has been to Linux, which has a more restrictive licensing arrangement than FreeBSD."

  • 'About GNOME 2.0 - The end of a dream' (A GNOME 2.0 Release Coordinator Steps Down) (2001-06-18 12:54:13)
    Citing disagreements over the role of Bonobo, the GNOME component system, in the upcoming GNOME release, Martin Baulig has written a strongly worded e-mail announcing his intent to resign his position as one of two GNOME 2.0 release coordinators.

  • Alan Cox: Linux 2.2.20pre3 (2001-06-18 12:27:23)
    "Linux 2.2 is now firmly into maintainance state. Patches for neat new ideas belong in 2.4. Generally new drivers belong in 2.4 (possibly in 2.2 as well after 2.4 shows them stable). Expect me to be very picky on changes to the core code now."