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Developer Linux News for Jun 19, 2001

  • News and Analysis: Monkey Do, KDE Do, Too (Mosfet Opens Fire on KDE) (2001-06-19 21:31:26)
    The same week that smoldering hostilities in the GNOME development community burst into flame with the angry resignation of a GNOME 2.0 release coordinator, a longtime KDE developer has opened fire on that desktop project. The two desktops have long engaged in heated competition, which now seems to entail which can do the most damage not to the other but to itself.

  • Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.5-ac16 (2001-06-19 20:28:49)
    Over twenty changes in the latest from Mr. Cox.

  • UPDATED: eWeek: Tux: Built for Speed (was "Red Hat Tux 2.0 blows away Apache") (2001-06-19 18:49:35)
    "Working closely with Dell Computer's Performance Engineering group (the original group that first published Tux's amazing performance benchmarks on the SPECWeb 99 benchmark) a test performed at eWeek Labs found that Tux was able to perform nearly three times faster than current Web server mainstay Apache (12,792 transactions per second vs. 4,602 tps) when running a mix of dynamic and static Web content."
    [ The updated link in this story is a better one, providing more data than the original item -ed. ]

  • Alan Cox: Linux 2.2.20pre4 (2001-06-19 15:09:35)
    "Linux 2.2 is now firmly into maintainance state. Patches for neat new ideas belong in 2.4. Generally new drivers belong in 2.4 (possibly in 2.2 as well after 2.4 shows them stable). Expect me to be very picky on changes to the core code now."

  • Eric Raymond: Kernel configuration. It's not just a job, it's an adventure! (2001-06-19 05:45:05)
    Prompted to make the new kernel configuration tool, CML2, a better fit for "serious, hard-core hackers," Eric Raymond has concocted an interface style that starts something like this: "Welcome to CML2 Adventure, version 1.6.1. You are in a maze of twisty little Linux kernel options menus, all different. The main room. A sign reads `Linux Kernel Configuration System'. Passages lead off in all directions."

  • GNOME: Havoc Pennington Proposes a Flamewar-Quelling "GNOME Enhancement Procedure" (2001-06-19 03:17:08)
    GNOME 2.0 Release Manager Martin Baulig's resignation from his position yesterday was part of a broader, more extended conflict within the GNOME developer community. Havoc Pennington has written a document, currently under discussion, that addresses the dynamics that caused the conflict to become so protracted and proposes ways to mend them.