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Developer Linux News for Jun 22, 2001

  • LinuxPR: Kohan for Linux Reaches Beta Stage of Development (2001-06-22 21:27:42)
    "TimeGate Studios, Inc. and Loki Software, Inc. are pleased to announce that the popular fantasy strategy game, Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns, has entered the beta stage of development for the Linux platform. A noted achievement for the gaming industry, Kohan will be the first of the real-time strategy gaming genre to be commercially available for Linux."

  • Linux Online: Linux: Alive and well on my desktop! (2001-06-22 20:33:04)
    Anyone who wants to read a revival sermon on the Linux destkop will enjoy this piece. Pinning the "Linux is dead on the desktop" argument squarely on turncoats and old people, Mr. Jordan rallys the troops, arguing that Linux is spreading into many, many markets and, he says, it has to, lest Microsoft not only keep the desktop but dominate the server, too.

  • Alan Cox: Linux 2.4 BIOS Usage Reference (2001-06-22 18:56:17)
    Alan Cox has prepared a draft document explaining the interaction between Linux and its host machine's BIOS.

  • DukeOfURL: Who Says Linux is Dead? (a pair of editorials on the Linux desktop) (2001-06-22 18:11:15)
    The DukeOfURL introduces opinion pieces to its editorial mix with this pair of columns about Linux, the desktop, and mainstream acceptance. The first The first says that members of the Linux community who argued that the Linux desktop is dead played into Microsoft's hands and threaten to repeat the mistakes of OS/2. The second maintains that Linux has all the apps it needs, and that user education is the key.

  • Martin Baulig: Let's look into the future (aka "The ``Martin is back'' mail") (2001-06-22 16:43:56)
    Martin Baulig has decided to return to his role as a GNOME 2.0 Release Coordinator: "However, let's forget this whole flamewar and assume that the last two weeks simply did not happen. And to avoid yet another flamewar, if there's anyone out there who still doubts that I'm the libgnome(ui) maintainer, speak up now or keep your mouth shut until we have that damn thing released."

  • MrProject 0.3.0 released (2001-06-22 16:30:01)
    Although its developers warn that this is an early beta release still in heavy development, this project still bears watching: MrProject is a GNOME-based project manager licensed under the GPL.

  • Community: KDE @ LinuxTag 2001 (2001-06-22 16:10:54)
    "Besides staffing a KDE booth where users can see the latest KDE, ask questions and mingle with KDE developers, KDE developers will make numerous presentations targeted at users and developers. The "Congress Program" will feature talks by the notable KDE developers Matthias Ettrich and Kalle Dalheimer. The "Forum Program" will offer a talk about "Developing a GUI Using Qt", and programs in German about "Multimedia in KDE 2" and "KDE 2.2 - Your Personal Desktop". In addition, developers will host several workshops on KDE development."

  • Linux Programming: python-dev summary 2001-06-07 - 2001-06-21 (2001-06-22 15:09:22)
    This is a summary of traffic on the python-dev mailing list between June 7 and June 21 (inclusive) 2001. It is intended to inform the wider Python community of ongoing developments.

  • Ximian Setup Tools 0.6 - Now red-carpet powered ! (2001-06-22 13:26:26)
    "The Ximian Setup Tools are a set of cross-platform configuration utilities for Linux and other Unix systems. Internally they are divided in front and back end subsystems. The front end knows nothing about the underlying operating system and provides the same user interface across the different platforms."

  • Apache Today: PHP-Nuke 5.0 released (2001-06-22 12:00:18)
    The best version ever, according to the author. And he would know.